Master Decoder: Price, Channels, and Where to Buy in Ghana

Markets in Ghana, especially in Accra are fascinating places where you can find any product you want as long as you know how to decode the prices and channels.

Prices, channels, and where to buy are among the things that need to be considered when purchasing any product or service in Ghana. It is important to keep an eye on some of these aspects so as not to get ripped off.

In this article, we have compiled guides on master decoder prices, channels, and where to buy so you can have quick access to all this useful information before making a purchase.

About master decoder

A master decoder is a device that can decode analog signals into digital signals for various purposes. Master decoders are necessary for many important technological advances including HDTV, video on demand, and high-speed internet.


The cost of a master decoder depends on the type of signal it will be used for. For instance, a master decoder designed to receive satellite TV signals will cost less than one designed for cable TV signal reception.

The price of Master decoder in Ghana is between GHS 200 and GHS 300 depending on the type you want.

Channels available on master decoder

Just like any decoder in Ghana, master decoder has all the popular channels you can think of as well as other extensive and special ones that you can get your favorite Tv shows on. Some of the channels available on master decoder are:

  1. Joy Prime
  2. Adom TV
  3. Joy News
  4. Fire TV
  5. Ghana TV
  6. Cross TV
  7. Zoe TV
  8. Metro TV
  9. TV3
  10. TV Africa
  11. Cine Plus
  12. Aseda TV
  13. ZTV Ghana
  14. Precious TV
  15. Royal TV
  16. Kessben TV
  17. Sweet TV
  18. OB TV
  19. Pent TV
  20. Zylofon TV
  21. GHOne
  22. Angel TV
  23. Elijah TV
  24. TV XYZ
  25. Rhema TV

How to scan for more channels on master decoder in Ghana

  1. To begin with, press the menu button on your decoder remote.
  2. Secondly, from the drop-down list, search for “installation'” and click on it.
  3. A list of installations will pop up: DVB-S2, DVB T/T12, DVB-C and Factory reset. Select the first option, DVB-$2.
  4. Next, you will be given another set of options to choose from. Select the first option, Antenna Setting.
  5. After that, the satellite list will pop up for you to configure.
  6. Press on the first list titled satellite and select “HotBird” from the list or Satellite options that will pop. This is usualy dependent on the type of dish you’re using.
  7. Next, leave every setting as it is. However, the only thing you have to change is the Transponder or TP. Seroll down to another option still under the Antenna Satellite called the TP. If you are using Multilv, your TP is 1225. Scroll through the list of TP available and select that.
  8. If you’re unable to find your TP in the list, you will have to add it yourself. So, you go back to the option where you selected the Antenna Setting. There is another option labelled as Transponder List, select it. You’ll see a command for you to add the preferred TP. Press okay and it will be automatically added to the list.
  9. Next, return to the Antenna Setting and select the new TP added.
  10. After, scroll down to the last option at the Antenna.
  11. Setting page and select from the list “Super Blind” or “Blind” search. Press on Okay.
  12. Another list will pop up. Here, you will have to choose whether you want FTA only. That is whether you want to see the channels with the dollar sign or not. You also choose whether you want radio stations or not.
  13. After choosing that, press okay and wait for the scan to complete.

Where to buy Master Decoder from

Getting a master decoder is very easy. You can walk into any TV and decoder shop to make your purchase. You can also order your master decoder online via an accredited online shop such as Jumia, Jiji, Tonaton, etc.


At the end of the day, getting a good deal is about knowing how to make the most of what you have. Whether it is price, channel or where you buy from, once you know the ins and outs of where your hard-earned money goes, you can rest assured that you are doing all that is necessary to get the best bang for your money.

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