Mastering the Battlefield 2042

 “I’ve had Battlefield2042 disappoint me before, but this is the first time I thought the inherent core game was bad,” wrote Reddit user Terror Firmer IRL. They reported that they have decided to cancel their Battlefield 2042 order due to their experience playing the version.

Battlefield 2042 is “flawed from a fundamental Battlefield shooter perspective,” said the man in PC Gamer this week. The beta was not only not acceptable for him, but it also brought back memories to Battlefield 5’s launch; it also featured “dumbed down” guns and other identity issues. Former Battlefield Esports rival The X factor is streaming Apex Legends and other games; they also had the same feelings.

My experience during the beta was generally disappointing; however, when I joined forces with a few friends–we were able to be able to play three people in a match, which was a bit frustrating–I enjoyed playing as a tank commander and jogging around the base of the rocket ship. I also had fun teasing the snipers by flying drones, as shown in the image below. I’m not a gamer at the level of Xfactor.

Morgan loved the beta as well as did we, and we’re not the only ones enjoying the game despite certain apparent flaws. “Most people I know IRL liked the game,” wrote TiToim on the Battlefield subreddit, “so I guess the small hater percentage come here on social media to express themselves.”

No matter where players gathered their opinions on the Battlefield 2042 beta, no one can deny that it was a mess as heck. A bug uncovered from Xfactor is a bug that has been resurrected of Battlefield 5, he says. A video posted by Xfactor to Twitter shows a player appearing ahead of the player after firing a few shotguns in silence.

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Beta was restricted: one map and mode that was accessible via an uninspiring interface. DICE states it’s aware that some bugs found in the beta have been solved in the final version of Battlefield 2042 that’s being prepped for release in November. However, some people aren’t convinced that the time launch will fix the anomalies in spacetime they encountered during their arrival.

Even if the game was bug-free (unlikely), there are plenty of issues with the design that would still be a problem for players such as Xfactor. Another primary target for criticism is Battlefield 2042’s brand new specialists that replace the regular classes. Like Rainbow Six Siege operators, specialists have unique equipment, such as a healing pistol and a grappling hook. As opposed to Siege players, specialists can carry any gun or equipment loadout. Snipers can carry anti-tank rockets. An LMG user may carry anti-air missiles. Ammo crates exist; however, who would want anything else other than rockets and C5 and missiles? (That’s future-oriented C4, I’m sure.)

“You can’t tell who is next to you and who you are shooting,” said Xfactor. “How do you prepare or counter that?”

It will include more experts in the Battlefield 2042 release version, which means you won’t find a lot of duplicates around, though it won’t be a massive help in finding loadouts. The players who are entirely opposed to the new system have begun looking at 2042’s other games for a chance to win, including Battlefield Portal.

Portal allows players to create and play game modes that draw weapons, vehicles, and maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042. If it’s successful, it could be an excellent solution for fans who don’t enjoy the new-style Conquest mode: Visit Portal and locate an entire group of players playing Battlefield 3 classes instead of experts.

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