Matched Betting: Beginners Guide

Do you know that you earn an extra profit in match betting? Evidence has shown that you can make tax-free money from free bets and promotions advertised by sportsbooks. Visit or to get the latest sports odds and predictions in potential matches.

Matched betting is simply wagering on two opposite stakes to remove your risk on a sports contest. That is, when you back a sports result at a sportsbook and when you wager against the result of the exact sports at a Bet Exchange. For instance, if you lay $10 on Manchester United to win a game, you bet on the team to either draw or lose. If you’re right, you win $10, and if you’re not, you have to pay someone out their winnings. With a free bet in the two matched bets, you’re sure of winning some dollars.

How to Get a Free Bet

  • Create a betting exchange account from any reputable bet exchange
  • Qualify for free bets from any sportsbook
  • Deposit enough cash on the sportsbook and bet exchange.

How to make profits from a free bet

  • Meet the wagering requirements by understanding the conditions behind the free bet before wagering 
  • Choose the best sports event.
  • Ensure the two odds from the sportsbook and bet exchange are exact or of similar value. Choose decimal odds for easy understanding.
  • Select a strong match odd. For example, an off of 2.5 for backing Manchester United and laying Liverpool at 3.0 is a weak match because the difference in value is significant. The lay odd is 83%; you need to have a lay odd of 100% or at least 90%. A weak match will make you lose some money.

How to Find a Strong Odds Match

Finding a solid match by yourself requires a lot of time, and most times, you might make an error. OddsMonkey is the right bot to save you stress by matching perfect odds and the best sports event to wager on. Just open a free account, and you’re good to go. To use OddsMonkey for getting free bets, go for low odds, go for odds for popular sports and ensure OddMonkey rating percent is high.

Points to Note when Matching your Lay and Black Bet for Free Bets

  • Be sure you have enough balance on the betting exchange and sportsbook account to tide over in case of losses.
  • Always check your odds on the two sites to verify the nature of the odds. Because the odds are prone to change
  • Wager on the sportsbook first and immediately lay on the exchange.
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After this action, you now have experience in matching risk-free bets. The following step is to apply it on matched bets after getting your free bets. If you have not gotten your free bets, continue using this method until you have reached the rollover requirement.

How to Match Your Free Bets to Win Money

This action is similar to the free bets matching, but in this case, you need strong matched high odds. Again, adjust the OddsMonkey Matched Betting calculator’s bet type from default to “Free Bet (SNR)” to compute your Lay wager.


Use OddsMonkey to find out the lay stake and place your two bets. Then relax and enjoy your earnings.

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