Meet Giftologi; West Africa’s first online gift registry

Ghana’s e-commerce industry is flourishing as the country continues to experience economic development and increased internet penetration.

Online transactions have grown year over year as consumers have become more comfortable making purchases online.

Millennials, who are often more tech-savvy, are reshaping how we do business and smart companies are springing up to serve unmet needs of this growing customer segment.

One of such companies is Giftologi, which will be launching on May 1, 2019, as the first multi-purpose online gift registry in West Africa, possibly Africa, serving the Ghanaian market.

The CEO, Elizabeth Tay, who is no newcomer to the media and tech industry, mentioned how “this innovation marries two burgeoning industries – event and e-commerce – and is set to change the face of both industries, simultaneously, by streamlining the gifting process.”

“Event hosts will be satisfied with their gifts, guests will save time in finding gifts, vendors will make money by selling gifts. Everyone is happy!” she said, speaking on the benefits of the online gift registry.

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The gift registry allows you to create an account, set up a wish list, select items from the website to add to the wish list and then share your wish list with your event guests who can then purchase your gift items and have them wrapped and delivered either directly to you or to them with a customized note.

It can be used for any events where gifting is appropriate.

This covers birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal parties, house warming parties and even funerals.

In addition to carrying gift items, the website also features cash funds which can be created for event guests to contribute any amount.

This is ideal for honeymoon funds, funeral donations and others.

Gift registries essentially target event hosts who would like to communicate their gift wish list to their guests ahead of their event.

This eliminates the occurrence of receiving unwanted gifts and/or having to return gifts, which is a problem in Ghana because most stores don’t accept returns.

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Event hosts have previously dealt with these problems by opting for cash gifts.

However, with the launch of Giftologi, as a pioneer of the online gift registry business, event hosts can now widen their gift options to receive gift items they actually need.

We expect to see more of such innovations enter the e-commerce industry as more companies seek to target the growing middle class and internet accessibility increases.

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