Melcom Ghana Fridges: Models, Prices, Specifications and More

Do you need a fridge from a trusted electronic shop in Ghana? Why not try shopping at any of the Melcom shops in Ghana.

There are several electronic shops in Ghana that deal in the sales of mobile phones, television sets, air conditioners, washing machines, fridges, kettles, etc. One of the leading electronic shops in Ghana is Melcom.

Unlike some of the other electronic shops in Ghana, Melcom is a chain of retail department stores. What this means is that there are several brands and stores located inside Melcom, making it an ideal place to find anything you need in terms of electronic devices and fridges.

Melcom Ghana has been providing Ghanaian consumers with quality and affordable electronic devices for some years now. When it comes to fridges, Melcom Ghana has carefully selected the best fridges from some of the best brands in the world.

You will find almost every type and brand of fridge at Melcom Ghana, if you don’t find it there then it means the fridge does not exist or is yet to be shipped to Ghana. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you must know about Melcom Ghana fridges, the models, prices, specifications, and more.

Models of Melcom Ghana Fridges: Their Features and Specifications

Whenever you visit any of the Melcom Ghana branches across the country, there are several models of fridges available for you to choose from. These fridges are selected from some of the leading names when it comes to the manufacture of fridges in the world.

Basically, the models of fridge available at Melcom Ghana comes from brands like Icona London, Samsung, Bruhm, Nasco, Akai, Midea, LG, etc. Now, let’s look at each brand and some of the fridge models available at Melcom Ghana.

Dzire Fridge Double Door 182L

The Dzire double door fridge is a good choice for people looking to buy a standard-sized fridge for their everyday home activities. This model of fridge is also ideal for persons who have small supermarkets where drinks and water are sold. The specs are as follows.

MODEL NAMEDzire Double Door Fridge
  • Below are the features of the Dzire Double Door fridge.
  • Efficient cooling
  • Strong compressor
  • Low noise
  • Spacious interior
  • External handles
  • Lock and key system
  • Vegetables and fruit crisper
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Interior light
  • Fashionable design

LG Double Door Fridge 333L Silver

The LG Double door fridge is a 333L capacity fridge that comes with both a fridge and a freezer. This fridge has a steady, even cooling temperature no matter the type of weather and the time of the day. The cooling system is 35% quicker than conventional cooling systems and also has the ability to reduce significantly the gap between the inner part and the door compartments.

MODEL NAMELG Double Door 333L Fridge
COLOUR SYSTEMNo frost cooling system

The features are:

  • Nature fresh
  • Linear cooling
  • Doorcooling+
  • Inverter Linear compressor
  • Smart diagnosis
  • No frost cooling system

Dzire Double Door Chest Freezer 560L

Dzire Double Door Chest Freezer 560L is a very spacious chest freezer that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It is an energy-efficient freezer that comes with amazing features like cyclopentane insulation, a triple-coated wire basket, etc.

MODEL NAMEDzire Double Door Chest Freezer 560L
NET WEIGHT66 kilograms

It also has the following features.

  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Multi-temperature control settings
  • Quick and deep freezing
  • Cyclopentane Insulation
  • External condenser
  • Low noise
  • Triple coated wire basket
  • Lock and key
  • Unique drainage design
  • Easy grip door handles

Ocean Double Door Fridge 207L

Ocean is one of the leading fridge manufacturers in the world and their double door fridge is a good option for people with simple and sizeable fridges for their homes or shops. The 207L fridge comes with recessed handles, spacious interior, interior light, etc. The specs of this fridge are as follows.

MODEL NAMEOcean Double Door Fridge 207L

In terms of the features, below are some of the features that come with this model of fridge.

  • Recessed handles
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Interior light
  • Fruit and Vegetable Crisper
  • Lock and key system
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficiency in cooling
  • Spacious interior

Samsung Single Door Fridge 176L

The Samsung Single Door Fridge 176L is a stunning, arched crown of the new range of Samsung fridges. With a tempered glass shelve, you rest assured that your food is kept safe no matter the weight as long as it is not overweight. Also, it has an anti-fungal door gasket which makes it impossible for fungi and bacteria to enter your fridge together with a recess door handle. Below are the specs.

MODEL NAMESamsung Single Door Fridge 176L
COLORBlackish silver
COOLING TYPEDirect cooling

There are several other models of fridges available at Melcom Ghana. To get the detailed list of available fridges you can walk into any of their showrooms nationwide or visit their official website.

Melcom Ghana Fridges Prices

Model of FridgePricePromo price
Dzire double door fridge 182LGHS 1899GHS 1499
LG double door 333L fridgeGHS 4299GHS 3599
Dzire double door chest freezer 560LGHS 4499GHS 3799
Ocean Double Door Fridge 207LGHS 2099GHS 1849
Samsung Single Door Fridge 176LGHS 1799GHS 1449
Bruhm Chest Freezer Single Door 251LGHS 2349GHS 1949
Midea Chest Freezer 290L Single Door WhiteGHS 24992199
Bruhm Double Door 132LGHS 1749GHS 1749
Nasco Chest Freezer 490LGHS 3999GHS 3999
Akai Double Door Fridge 333L Frost Free InoxGHS 3999GHS 2799
Akai Chest Freezer Single Door 100LGHS 1399GHS 1229
Akai Chest Freezer 560L Double DoorGHS 5299GHS 4699
Nasco Double Door Fridge 82LGHS 1099GHS 899
Akai Side By Side Refrigerator 521LGHS 5999GHS 5199
Samsung Double Door Refrigerator 384LGHS 5299GHS 4699
Midea Single Door Refrigerator 93LGHS 999GHS 799
Dzire Single Door Fridge 93LGHS 979GHS 899


Melcom Ghana has several fridges in stock. These fridges vary from one model to another and price.

This article has shown everything you need to know about the fridges available at Melcom Ghana and their prices together with some specifications. Read through them and use this as a guide for buying your fridge from Melcom Ghana.

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