Midea Fridges in Ghana: Models, Prices, Specifications and Where to Buy

Do you want to buy a new fridge but you can’t decide which one to buy? Midea, one of the leading brands of appliances in Ghana, has many models to choose from and they are not just the same with different prices.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages so it would be very helpful if you know what you need before getting one or asking someone which model is good for you. This article will guide you on choosing your own Midea Fridge in Ghana by letting you know what Midea has to offer, their prices and where to find them in Ghana.

If you’re in the market for a new fridge, then take some time to consider your options and be sure to buy one that will last you as long as possible. Midea makes amazing refrigerators, so you know when you buy one of their products, it’s going to do its job well and last you many years.

About Midea Fridges

The Midea line of refrigerators is one of the most popular ones out there. Midea has a wide range of models with different prices, features, and specifications. They are available for purchase at a number of locations throughout Ghana.


Model A is the Midea Compact Single Door Refrigerator. It features a high quality energy-saving compressor, a highly efficient evaporator coil, and an Auto Defrost function for improved energy efficiency.

Model B is the Midea Compact Double Door Refrigerator. It has two doors with adjustable shelves that allow you to store all of your food items with ease.

Model C is the Midea Compact Single Door Freezer. It features an ice cube tray and removable freezer basket, so it’s easy to make use of every inch of space.

The Midea Compact Double Door Freezer offers more storage space than the single door model. Plus, the extra freezer door allows for better organization. All models come in three different colors: white (Standard), black (Classic), and silver (Elegant).

Other models are;

  1. Midea 50 Ltrs Bed Side fridge
  2. Midea HD-176R (N) 135 Litre Double
  3. Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  4. Midea defrost 230 Itr net [HD 273F]
  5. Midea 90ltr Double Door Table Top fridge HD-113FN
  6. Midea HS 121LN 93 Litres Table Top fridge
  7. Midea Table Top 60LTR [HS- 65LN] Bedside fridge
  8. Midea 400LTR Display Fridge [MDRZ432]
  9. Midea HS – 131CN 99 Litres Chest Freezer


The price of Midea fridges varies depending on the size of the fridge. A small Midea fridge is around GHS1180 whilst a medium one is around GHS 1400. The largest one costs GHS 2000. It’s also possible to buy a secondhand model for as little as GHC800.

Other prices are:

  1. Midea 50 Ltrs BedSide fridge is available for GHS 1,065.00
  2. Midea HD- 176R (N) 135 Litre Double Door bottom freezer is available for GHS 2,599.00
  3. Midea defrost 230 Itr net [HD 273F is available for GHS 1,599.00
  4. Midea 90tr Double Door Table Top fridge HD-113FN is available for GHS 1,799.00
  5. Midea HS-121 LN 93 Litres Table Top Fridge is available for GHS 1,499.00
  6. Midea Table Top 60LTR HS 65LN] Bed side fridge is avaliable for GHS 1,099.00
  7. Midea 400LTR Display Fridge [MDRZ432] is available for GHS 3,980.00
  8. Midea HS1 31CN 99 Litres Chest Freezer is available for GHS 1,589.00

Where to buy Midea fridges in Ghana

Any Refrigerator retail or whosale shop has a Midea brand. Also, Midea Refrigerator can be bought on any of the recognised online shops like Jumia, Jiji, olx, tonaton, cedishop.com, etc.


No matter what your needs are or how much you plan on spending on a fridge, there’s a Midea model that can meet all your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a budget option or the newest bells and whistles available, Midea has something for everyone.

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