Mikrobot Academy’s Bright Young Minds Ready to Shine at 2023 Robofest World Championship

Accra, Ghana – Picture this: a group of young, bright minds, brimming with creativity and curiosity, gearing up to represent their country on the world stage. That’s precisely the scene at the Mikrobot Academy, a private robotics club in Ghana. Catering to students aged 7-14, the Academy shares a vision with the Robotics inspired Science Education (RiSE) program by the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF).

This year, three extraordinary teams from Mikrobot Academy are set to represent Ghana in the junior division of the prestigious 2023 Robofest World Championship at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan, USA.

The Mikrobot Academy’s participation in this global event exemplifies its unwavering commitment to nurturing young Ghanaians’ minds, fostering a passion for science and technology, and unlocking their innovative potential. With the education of thepower of robotics, the Mikrobot Academy is looking to develop students’ expertise in science, engineering, and technology.

Each year, GRAF organizes the RiSE national competitions and National Qualifiers (NQ) for international competitions, providing a platform for teams from across Ghana to showcase their talents and secure their spot to represent their nation on the global stage. Back in 2019, Mikrobot Academy’s Cosmic Intellects left a lasting impression, securing an impressive 6th place out of 52 teams in the Junior Game division at the Robofest World Championship. In 2021, the Academy’s Ex-Nihilo team clinched victory in the Unknown Mission Challenge (UMC) at the very same event.

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This year, Mikrobot Academy’s teams SOUL, Spirit, and EMI will take on the challenge in the Junior Game and Junior BottleSumo divisions. Team SOUL, featuring the talented trio of Andrew Anthony Kojo TAKYI-APPIAH II, Rehan ASHFAQ, and Adom Aye Dokua DANQUAH, are eager to make waves at the competition. Team Spirit, with members John Kekeli JAOUDEH, Mohummed Zaki SIDDIQUI, Kelvin Ohene Kofi AGYEKUM, and Nii Omanye OTOO-ALFREDS, are fueled by determination and ready to bring home the trophy. Team EMI, boasting the skills of Emmanuel Nana Nhyira POBEE, Israel Yeboah AWUAH, and Marc Farouk FADOUL EL ACHKAR, is thrilled to make their debut and do their Academy proud.

Additionally, five other teams from Right to Dream Academy, Our Lady of Grace SHS, and Prempeh College will represent Ghana in various categories of the Junior BottleSumo competition. Mikrobot Academy’s focus on cultivating not only science, engineering, and technology expertise but also discipline, leadership skills, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, communication, and stewardship encapsulates the transformative power of education.

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Every Saturday at the CSIR-Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (CSIR-INSTI) in Accra, the Mikrobot Academy shines a light on the boundless potential of young Ghanaians. As these young robotics enthusiasts break new ground in their field, they serve as an inspiration to their peers, proving that with determination and hard work, anything is indeed possible.

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