Miles of Smiles: 3 Marketing Strategies for Dental Practitioners

Miles of Smiles: 3 Marketing Strategies for Dental Practitioners

The dentistry profession is a dynamic one. Not only is it growing, but it is also adjusting with the times. One aspect of this would be its marketing side of the job. Sure, the old ways still work fine, and you will get noticed regardless. But how do you stand out among the rest and attract clients to try your services more than the rest?

Here’s a list of what to consider when marketing your dental practice and how to measure their effectiveness.

Connect locally

There is truly something about the tried and tested classic word-of-mouth. This is how much good work eventually makes headlines. The traditional approach of creating good relationships with your clients works wonders up to this day. It is wise then to walk the extra mile and establish friendships among them while creating excellent work.

Have your assistant aid you in this. By maximizing both your relational skills, it can go a long way. Keep a light and friendly atmosphere. Be involved locally and actively in various ways. Focus on genuinely connecting with people through simple conversations and local events- celebrations, non-profit involvement, and the like.

Never underestimate the network of people this strategy can reach. Those testimonials will come in handy, especially when nowadays everybody has a social media account with lots of connections. It’s the perfect time to connect with people. The word-of-mouth works well that way for good reason.

Go Digital

Everyone has moved to the digital world when it comes to pretty much everything including marketing. Since online is the new norm, everything is faster and on the internet. With the platform for advertising changed, you need to adapt to it by going digital. There are plenty of ways to do this.

Create a page

Most people spend their time on social media. This is where you can use this to your advantage. By creating a page or a website, not only do you get noticed locally, but you also open your network to a whole lot of opportunities. 

You’ll never know who is out there reading and wanting to give it a try, so market your page well, complete with photos, videos, and all. You can also include in your page blogs and testimonials to further increase your authenticity and gather clients.

Join groups

Be involved in a community where you can extend your marketability. There are plenty of groups out there dedicated to the promotion of local services and businesses. By being active in such, you can extend your reach locally. 

Use call-tracking

It is used nowadays by various businesses to gather data and spot potential clients early on. In the past, they usually made a call-back approach and asked callers how they heard about their companies. Now, it has evolved into software technology that uses cookies to identify and gather data.

There is a call-tracking software out there that is effective, especially in the field of dentistry. It can even offer insight to improve your marketing. For more information, you can visit this link:

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

It is a tool designed to make you visible to the internet with the search of a keyword you set. This is what businesses opt for nowadays for them to be easily searchable online. It is wise then to utilize this feature available and in the most effective way possible.

A way to do this would be to specify the keyword to fit to whatever people search normally. An example would be to use the “best dentist in” then the name of your city. This would narrow down their search to you, and you will maximize the SEO to your utmost advantage.

With all set in motion, there is another proven and tested medium to market your dental services- one that you should consider: Tri-media. This is traditional advertising using television, radio, and print. Although some would shun away from it due to its high expense, it still is a powerful way to get your message across and advertise.


Getting into television indeed is a way to get noticed. This costs higher than most, but if you are able to do so, you set yourself on top of the competition. Clients will most likely visit your dental service because it surely is convincing to give it a try if you landed on television.


Many potential clients out there can be found via this channel. Radio has evolved and moved from the traditional broadcast to online programs. There are still plenty of people listening to the radio. Have your dental services advertised here to increase marketability.


These include magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. Landing your dental services into one of these can increase your chances of visitation to your office. If you can, you can even try billboards for a more significant effect. That massive amount of visibility can do wonders.


Marketing your dental service can be quite tasking. In the end, the mission is to cater to your clients excellently. Still, it would be nice to increase your income as well. Make use of these marketing strategies mentioned, and you can guarantee that your clients will increase in number.

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