An itsy-bitsy look at what to expect in Tech in 2019

From phone companies copying Apple’s notch design to widely leaked pixel 3, 2018 came with its fair share of interesting mobile technology and with flagship phones being released every year, 2019 is likely to follow the same trend. From Mobile World Congress to Tech October, here are some of the most anticipated events of 2019.

Mobile World Congress

This is the hub where all good things mobile phones and accessories are showcased and it happens every year in Barcelona and this year is scheduled for the 25th to the 28th of February.

With so many leaks, perhaps the highlight of the show will be the Samsung Galaxy S10. With the hope of 3 models to be released and almost no bezels, the hype is well deserved. We would also see many phones with less and fewer bezels. Wearables also made their way to MWC and we might have Google watch or an update to Wear OS. Who knows?

Health Tech Summit

With the launch of smartwatches, the health sector has been revolutionized as heartbeats can be tracked almost all the time instead of once a month at the doctor’s and calorie intake and burn can be measured day by day just to name a few. Health Tech summit shows the world major advancements in this emerging tech zone and is definitely an event to keep an eye on.

Tech October

Tech October can be broken down into 3 companies: Apple, Google and Microsoft.


Each year Microsoft release its Surface Pro’s, Surface Laptops and the Surface books which have been received with much success and 2019 promises to be more exciting.


Not too much to be said here as this is probably what most people are waiting for. However, we would see whether Apple would still the notch and form factor of the iPhone Xs or change for a no notch form. We would also anticipate the new iPads and hopefully Airpods 2.


Every year, the pixel holds the crown for the worlds best smartphone camera and we would see if this is the case for 2019. We would also see Android 10/Q rolling out and we live to see what new things it might bring. The Pixel slate might get a retouch or be discontinued, we never know.

Somewhere along the line, we might see Huawei bring out its weapons into the smartphone world. The Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro were well received and Huawei may just continue that trend.

Other companies to look out for are Oneplus and Xiaomi who always bring great budget phones into the market. Oneplus is reportedly working on a 5G phone which is definetely a phone to look out for. Gaming phones, which are a promising market may also have some new additions to their line-up and that will be great to see.

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