Mini Guides to Get The Most out of Walmart Weekly Ads

I’m constantly looking for methods to help you save money at Walmart, and today I’m offering over a dozen must-know tricks!

#1 Use Your Phone To Make A Quick Price Comparison

What if you can’t locate the pricing of an item at Walmart? To discover the price, use the Walmart app’s scanner function (found to the right of the search bar).

#2 Reduced Prices Following the Holiday Season

Three days after Christmas, Walmart offers significant discounts on holiday merchandise. The day following the holiday, holiday goods are 50% off, but they’re 90% off after three days, so it may be worth it to wait!

#3 Go gluten-free if you can

For Walmart’s Great Value brand, gluten-free products are the best deal. Great Value’s gluten-free options are half the price of name-brand alternatives.

#4 Monitoring Clearance Is Important

Walmart weekly ads are usually an excellent place to look to see what’s on sale! It depends on the retailer, but here’s a basic idea of what to look for at various seasons of the year when it comes to clearance.

  • February to March: Winter coats, snow boots, and other warm-weather gear
  • About mid-August to mid-September: Swimsuits and summer accessories; pool toys; dorm room accessories; school supply
  • Fall décor, summer clothes, and shoes may be seen from late October until early November.

#5 You may get cashback by using Ibotta

Spend money at Walmart and get cashback with the Ibotta app! Please take a photo of your receipt within 24 hours of your purchase and submit it to the app to get your cash back!

Visit Ibotta’s website to learn more about how to use it.

#6 Boxes of Baby Goodies for Free

Take advantage of Walmart’s free baby box if you’re pregnant or know someone who is. Get one by visiting Walmart’s baby box website, entering your information, and choosing free shipping.

People who have received a Walmart baby package claim that they received free samples of pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, and nursing pads, among other things.

#7 Prescriptions for just $4 for generics

Generic prescription medicines cost only $4 at Walmart pharmacies, saving you a lot of money over name-brand alternatives. Whether your prescription has a generic equivalent, check if yours is included in Walmart’s $4 generics list.

#8 Meat and Bread at a Reduced Price

You may save as much as 50% on expired meat and bread if you’re prepared to take a risk. Bread may be found at a 50% discount on the day-old racks at the bakery, while meat can be found at a discount in the evening.

#9 There are Clearance Stickers with a Secret Behind

Several dissatisfied customers have complained online that a higher-priced clearance tag was put on top of a lower-priced discount tag in certain instances. 

The best way to find the lowest price on an item is to remove a piece of the clearance tag that’s attached to it.

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