The Best Banking Apps you can use in Ghana right now

The banking system in Ghana has seen great changes in recent times thanks to the advancement in Fintech. With the invention of smartphones and the increase in the development of mobile apps, a lot of mobile banking apps have been released to satisfy the needs to Ghanaian bank customers.

Gone were the days where you have to walk to the banking hall before you can make a withdrawal or deposit to your account.

Today, with the help of these apps, one can easily transact business on his/her smartphone right in the comfort of their homes. These days, every banking service in Ghana has an app tailored to meets its customer’s choice.

Most people even consider banking app before selecting a bank to deal with, an indication that financial technology has huge potential. There are many banking apps out there that anyone can installed and begin to transact. But what we do is to look for the best ones for our readers and anyone who is also on a mission for finding the best banking apps in Ghana.

All the mobile banking apps listed below are free to download through PlayStore and Appstore. However, using them will attract charges from your cell phone carrier’s messaging, and data usage.


UBA Mobile Banking App

When talking of the best mobile banking apps in Ghana, there is no doubt that the UBA Banking app is number one. I have been a lover of this app from day one.

The UBA Mobile Banking App has completely enhanced mobile banking experience to its customers. Using this app, you can easily access all the Banking services offered by this great institution.

You can quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option (facial and fingerprint) on devices that support this feature, send and receive money from the app, mobile top-up, check account balance, see transaction history, pay bills and many more.

The best thing that, users can easily access their bank and card statement right from this app.

Download UBA mobile banking app

ABSA Ghana

The Absa Mobile App gives you the ability to carry your bank conveniently in your pocket. when you install this app, you enjoy the freedom that comes with doing your banking from anywhere at any time for free.

With the Absa Ghana app, you can access your accounts, send money, and withdraw cash any time you wish to do so.

No need to visit the bank hall for that. Buy airtime and pay your bills directly from your phone, use your Mobile Wallet to pay for goods and services on the fly, check your balances and transaction history at the comfort of your home.

Download ABSA Ghana app

Fidelity Mobile Banking

Another great app that is loved by many mobile banking app users is the fidelity mobile banking app. Fidelity bank has been one of the fastest-growing banking services in Ghana and it is of no surprise that their app is liked by many of the users.

With the app, you have nothing to worry about. No more hustles that people go through before having access to their balance or transaction details, especially when they travel to a place in which the bank has no branch.

The app allows you easy access to all your accounts at Fidelity Bank Ghana while enabling you to make secure transactions and payments. Manage your money with convenient, safe and easy to use the mobile app from Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd.

Download the Fidelity Mobile Banking app

UMB SpeedApp

Just like any of the above-mentioned apps, the UMB SpeedApp has also come and added to the list of the best apps we have here in Ghana. The UMB SeedApp gives Customers the benefit of monitoring a real-time account balance in a secure and simplified way.

When you install the app, you can:

  • Check Account Balances
  • Check Transaction History
  • Airtime top-up for Self & Others
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Request Services – Statement, Cheque Book, etc.
  • Locate Branch & ATM
  • Product Information
  • Bancassurance Services
  • Funds Transfer Services
  • Loan Services
  • Investment Services
  • Card Services
  • Standing Order Services
  • Forex Rates

Download the UMB SpeedApp

ADB Mobile Banking 2.0

This is an app offered by the Agric Development Bank of Ghana. The app is good for accessing all the services provided by this bank.

From checking of an account balance to getting instant access to all the transactions conducted with the bank. Transfer funds, view loans details and deposit balances, confirm cheques, order cheque books and access forex rates while saving time and cost.

Below are some of the things you can do with the app:

  1. View recent transactions and check your balances
  2. Pay someone new or someone you’ve paid before
  3. Transfer money between own accounts
  4. Perform instant payment to other banks
  5. View term deposit
  6. View loan balances
  7. Reset forgotten password
  8. Pay bills online
  9. Air time top-up
  10. Account statements
  11. Forex Rates
  12. Find your nearest branch or cash machine

Download the ADB Mobile Banking 2.0


Slydepay is not affiliated to any bank but has the all in one integration of most of the banking service in Ghana. The app has come to make the life of an ordinary Ghanaian easy and simple. People who were previously considered unbanked can now use this app to make all the transaction that any bank account user could do.

Using the Slydepay mobile banking app, you can pay bills, transfer money from the app, top-up Airtime from any service provider, cross transfer cash from one mobile money service provider to the other, link and Verify your debit/credit card in your Slyde account and keep track of all your transactions in one place.

Download Slydepay

Final Words

Banks keep adding new features to make your banking experience a favourable one on these apps. Each update from the developers comes with new features or make an improvement to some already existing feature. It is also worth mentioning that, some features mention in these apps (like fingerprint-based features) may not work on all device due to compatibility issues.

But what we do know is that you can have some of the basic ones, when you install your desired app.

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