Mobile Banking Shortcodes for Banks in Ghana

In the quest to make mobile banking easy and accessible, banks in Ghana have joined forces with mobile money service providers to implement several mobile banking shortcodes that can be used to access some of the most frequently used features in mobile banking sector.

This guide will cover the list of current shortcodes as of the writing of this article where you can find more information about using them.

What are shortcodes?

Shortcodes are a way of sending text messages to and from mobile phones. They are like phone numbers, but they use the short code with a country prefix, followed by the number.

What is mobile banking

Mobile banking is a way to make payments, check account balances and perform other financial transactions using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. People can use these devices to do all of the things they might have done at the bank before, but now they don’t need to go there.

Mobile banking services provided by banks in Ghana

If you have a bank account in Ghana, then using your mobile banking shortcode can give you access to the list below and more.

  • Sending money.
  • Checking account balance.
  • Airtime recharge.
  • Paying bills and many more.

Mobile banking shortcodes for banks in Ghana

Below are the shortcodes for the available banks in Ghana. Not all banks have shortcodes and therefore, we provided you with the available ones.

Access Bank*901#
Agricultural Development Bank*767#
Barclays bank*895#
CBG Bank*924#
FBN bank*894#
Fidelity bank*776#
GT bank*737#
HFC bank*618#
National Investment Bank*865#
Prudential bank*772#
Republic bank*414#
Stanbic Bank*715#
Standard Chartered bank*722#
UBA bank*822# / *919#
Zenith bank*966#

Why is mobile banking important?

Ghana’s economy is growing rapidly and people are looking to take control of their finances. Mobile banking is one of the most popular ways people keep up with their money, which is why it’s important that banks offer mobile services. With the right technology, managing your finances has never been easier and safer.


As the future of banking becomes more and more digital, it is becoming easier to access your money on the go. Mobile banking is a great way to stay on top of your finances with just a few clicks.

If you’re interested in giving mobile banking a try, we recommend getting started by checking out our list of mobile banking shortcodes for banks in Ghana.

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