List Of Mobile Money Payment Processors For Your Ecommerce Business

Businesses today have a better chance of making sales and gaining profit than at any other time in the past.

This is especially because of the rapid growth of the eCommerce business and the voracious increase in online shopping interest.

In between work breaks, people shop online today. Between sleeping time and waking up, people shop online today. And even while eating, people still shop online today. Meaning, the shopping experience has become more of an online thing that it is an offline thing.

Therefore, any business seeking to make good returns and establish a firm brand amongst its customers and future ones must learn to operate both online and offline.

And that raises the question of payment options. How do you get paid if you run an online business or an eCommerce site?

For this question, the idea of this article was developed. So throughout the entirety of this article, I shall try to give you a list of reliable Mobile Money payment processors you can use for your eCommerce business here in Ghana.


Hubtel is arguably one of Ghana’s finest internet and payment service providers with over a decade of experience in the industry.

With Hubtel, Ghanaian businesses operating eCommerce sites can receive mobile money payments from all available mobile money service providers in the country (MTN, Vodafone, Airteltigo). Hubtel also enables the vendor to receive debit and credit card payments through their online stores.

To make the process easier for website owners, Hubtel has a WordPress plugin which can be installed on all Woocomerce WordPress sites.

To find out more about Hubtel, kindly click here.


Slydepay is another trusted payment platform which enables business owners to process payments on their websites with ease.

If you are an eCommerce business owner in Ghana seeking to receive payments via mobile money or any other online payment right on your website, then you should consider using Slydepay.

Slydepay has an easy-to-install API which fits perfectly into most eCommerce websites and does not affect the beauty of your website design at all.

This platform allows and processes payments from Vodafone Cash, MTN Mobile Money, Airteltigo cash and other E-payment systems known and accepted globally.

With Slydepay, you only have to worry about driving buyers to your website. Slydepay will deal with your payment issues and you can rest in the comfort of your home, thinking of new products to add to your catalogue and how to drive more sales. Never would you worry about payment issues.


Another wonderful alternative for online payment processing in Ghana and the world over especially Africa is Rave. Rave comes with a wonderful set of tools and features which makes it one of the best choices any business owner can make is selecting an online payment processor.

With Rave, you can receive and process payment from VISA cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Mobile Money accounts and other digital payment systems throughout the world.

Rave also comes with an option for business owners to add their bank account details to their Rave accounts so they could receive payments directly into their bank accounts through Rave.

If you own a wordpress Woocomerce site, you can install the Rave Plugin on your site to make your paymemt processing easier and less stressful by clicking here.

For further information about how the Rave Payment Processor works, kindly check here.


Ipay is a one-stop payment processing application which deals with everything that has to do with payments for online businesses.

With Ipay, you can process payments from customers and to suppliers right from your account and have access to other wonderful features such as sending invoices to your customers and keeping track of your sales records and expenses – all from one place.

Ipay Gh makes selling and buying very easy for both businesses operating locally and those operating internationally. With payment methods such as Mobile Money, Debit and Credit card, Visa and Mastercard, you can process payments to and fro any account in or outside Ghana.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a website before you could use Ipay. You can just create a payment link at no cost and start receiving payments for your products or services.

Very interesting, right?

For more information about IpayGh and how it works, click here.


It is true what they say about icing on cakes. Paystack is to this list what icing is to cake.

Paystack is an integrated payment system which operates both offline and online to ensure that business owners receive and process payments from their clients or customers with ease.

Paystack covers different payment methods ranging from Mobile money, Visa Card, Debit Card, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Bank Account, USSD (shortcode), and POS systems.

With this payment processor, you can receive one-time or recurring payments from your customers and keep track of your customers’ identity while at it. You can make and receive instant money transfers using this platform.

What’s more, Paystack works all over Africa and is a trending brand in the payment industry.

Find out more about Paystacks here.


As a business owner hoping to capitalize on all available opportunities to maximize gains and double your profit, it is important that you try to include eCommerce sites in your marketing plans.

Majority of the world’s buying and selling happens online today and the market keeps growing every single day.

As such, it is important that business owners create functional eCommerce sites with trustworthy and fully-functional payment processing systems to enable them to make sales and receive payments promptly online.

This article focuses on four of the best online and mobile money payment processing systems available for Ghanaian eCommerce business owners to use for their day to day business activities.

I am sure this article was helpful to you and that you will share with your friends and family as well.

If you have any comments, reservations, questions or any other information, kindly leave them in the comment session below or contact us for more information.

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