Mobile USSD Shortcodes Of all the Major Banks In Nigeria

Internet banking has become the order of the day in Nigeria and also in other developing countries around the world; Technological inventions have revolutionized how banking transactions are being done in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, we can’t dispute the fact that a good number of Nigerian citizens cannot afford smartphones to perform many of these financial transactions online, and a good number of those that could afford smartphones cannot seem to use it to perform banking transactions online.

But the good news is that the banking system has provided an alternative for those that do not have access to enablers like the internet, smartphone, computer and so on; this provided option is known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), with USSD codes there is almost no banking transaction that could not be done on any available phone.

All existing banks in Nigeria have adopted the use of USSD codes for performing some basic financial transaction, this does not only reduce the stress bank workers go through attending to a huge number of customers, but also make it easier for customers to perform some tasks without having to come to the banking hall.

USSD codes usually start with an asterisk/star (*) symbol and also ends with a hashtag symbol (#), these codes are very versatile and are also easy to remember.

There is numerous operation that customers could perform with the USSD code of their banks, these operations include, the opening of bank account, checking balance, generating OTP for ATM withdrawal, paying bills, buying airtimes, applying for a loan, buying goods and services, transferring money and so on.

What makes USSD codes to be better than other methods of doing transaction outside banks is that you can actually operate it on any mobile phone, it doesn’t matter if your phone is the cheapest in the world; another amazing thing is that it also works without the internet, you don’t need to be online before you could perform your financial transaction.

We have made available in this article the USSD codes of all the existing banks in Nigeria, these codes are for all categories of bank accounts; you could use this code for any type of account, be it current, savings, domiciliary, business accounts and so on.

In the table below is the USSD codes of all banks in Nigeria, all that is required of you is to just scroll and copy that of your bank or banks you have an account with more than a bank.

Nigeria BankUSSD Code
Access/Diamond Bank*901#
Fidelity Bank*770#
First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*389*214#
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)*737#
Heritage Bank*322*0#
Jaiz Bank*389*301#
Keystone Bank*7111#
Polaris Bank*833#
Stanbic IBTC Bank*909#
Sterling Bank*822#
 United Bank for Africa (UBA)*919#
Union Bank*826#
Unity Bank*7799#
Wema Bank*945#
Zenith Bank*966#

Using the above codes to perform financial transactions is very easy and fast at the same time, all that you need to do is to just dial the code on your mobile phone (any phone at all), follow the information that is displayed on your phone screen, then enter your PIN to finalize your transaction and make it approved.


If you are finding it difficult in using USSD code to perform some banking operation, try reaching the customer service of your bank to lodge a complaint, they will definitely have the issue resolved.

Ensure to use the same phone number you register your bank account with while trying to use their USSD code; you might also be required to change your transaction PIN if it is your time of using the code.

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