More steps to take to prevent Mobile Money fraud apart from keeping your MoMo PIN Secure

Mobile money has solved the burden of having to walk miles just to make payments or deposit money to the bank.

You will agree with me that ever since mobile money was introduced, it has benefited me and you and Ghana as a whole.

With the invention of mobile money, one can pay bills, top-up airtime, make savings, buy treasury bills and a whole lot.

If you are in Ghana you might have heard of a lot of mobile money scam activities that fraudsters have been using to steal money from peoples mobile money wallets.

Telcos will tell you to keep your account safe by not disclosing your MoMo pin to anyone, of course, that is one step of keeping your wallet safe but the world is moving forward with every day new ideas and technology, hackers are also learning new ways to steal money from peoples accounts.

In this article, I am going to enlighten you on steps to take in order to prevent mobile money fraud apart from keeping your momo pin secure.

Stop Paying Attention To Spammy Calls

Fraudsters can not take money from your mobile money wallet without your contribution, so what they will do is that they will make sure they come up with a fake story or promotion just to lure you in contributing.

So if you pay attention to them, then they can drain your account, so the best way to keep your account safe is to ignore such calls and messages.

Don’t Just Register Your Mobile Money Account Anywhere

One mistake many subscribers do is that they register their mobile money account anywhere they will see someone doing mobile money, you might not know the person is a fraudster or not. Register your account at your nearest telco office and only trusted agents.

Connect Your Mobile Money Account To Only Trusted Third-Party Apps

Recently there has been a lot of apps that claim to give you 20%, 30% and even 50% bonus when you connect your mobile money account and make transactions using that app.

If you are fond of doing that, then the best time to stop doing this is now.

Don’t just link your mobile money account to any app without making a lot of research on that app, you might never know the developers behind that app and what they are up to.

Stop Telling Merchants Your Pin

If you are going to withdraw money from any mobile money merchant, make sure you do everything yourself (allowing cashout and confirming the transaction by typing your pin).

Stop giving your phone to the merchant and telling him or her your pin, after doing this, the merchant now knows your number, name and mobile money pin and if the merchant is a fraudster just imagine what he or she can do knowing all these information.

Use Hard To Guess Pins

Using pins like your birth year, last four digits of your phone number, repetition of one number eg: 1111,2222,0000 and the rest make it easy for any fraudster who wants to steal money from your account.

To make it difficult for fraudsters to steal money from your account, you need to set a pin that will be difficult to guess.


Mobile money is now the most popular means of transferring money in Ghana, hackers, on the other hand, are also finding new tricks just to steal money from innocent peoples.

To save yourself from being a victim of MoMo fraud make sure you stop doing these:

  1. Stop paying attention to spammy calls and messages
  2. Don’t just register your mobile money account anywhere
  3. Connect your mobile money account to only trusted third-party apps
  4. Stop telling merchants your pin
  5. Use hard to guess pins


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