MTN Call Barring: How To Activate And Deactivate | *31#

The call barring service is one of the least used features of mobile SIM Cards.

However, many people still rely on this feature for convenience, their security and privacy in general.

Call barring is a feature of mobile telecommunications which enable users to restrict or limit some or all incoming calls or outgoing calls within certain jurisdictions or in totality.

Call barring may be used by individuals seeking to only make outgoing calls on their phones without receiving calls or people looking to prevent some individuals from ever reaching them via calls.

The service is available on all SIM Cards but require activation before it could work.

In this article, we shall look at how to activate and deactivate the call barring service on your MTN Simcard.

How To Activate Call Barring On Your MTN Simcard

To barr all calls on your device, it is very easy.

Dial *31# and instantly you’ll receive feedback confirming that your line has been restricted for making and receiving calls.

How To Deactivate Call Barring On Your MTN SimCard

If you wish to undo the restriction on your line, you can dial #31# to undo the earlier restriction.

Once you undo the restrictions, you can make and receive all forms of calls on your device again.

How To Activate Call Barring On Your Phone

Aside from using the shortcode to activate call barring on your MTN Simcard, you can also activate the feature by browsing through various menus on your phone. This is usually used when the shortcode fails to work for you.

  1. Go to your dialed calls
  2. Go to call settings
  3. Select the simcard
  4. Go to Call Barring
  5. Select the kind of calls you want to barr
  6. If asked for code, Dial 0000
  7. You’ll get notified that your calls have been barred.

How To Bar/Stop Incoming Calls Only

If you wish to prevent people from calling you and make sure that only you can call other people, then you may be considering Barring your incoming calls.

If that is what you’re looking at, then this heading is for you. Do well to read everything here.

  1. Go to your call logs.
  2. Go to call settings.
  3. Select your simcard
  4. Go to call divert
  5. Select ‘Divert All Voice Calls’
  6. Select ‘Activate’
  7. Select ‘To New Number’
  8. Enter a non-existing phone number. example: 054000002000
  9. Select ‘Okay’

All your incoming calls would stop coming through right after activating the step.


Call barring services are okay for individuals hoping to use their devices without any distractions from voice calls. Especially those seeking to use their phones and sim cards for browsing and internet-related activities only.

Once activated, your calls stop coming through or going out except you deactivate the option again.

It is important that you are sure of what you want before you try to activate the call barring feature on your device.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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