MTN Free After 1: New Rules, Shortcode, How to Subscribe

To make Ghanaians feel at ease when using MTN and to provide them with amazing deals that they can’t resist, MTN has always been the preferred network in Ghana. As part of their packages to make the life of their customers comforting, they introduced the MTN Nkomode (Free After 1 Service).

A closer look at the MTN free after 1 promo

MTN Free After 1 is one of the most exciting packages from MTN. It allows all customers to enjoy free calls and texts after the first minute into your call. The service was introduced in 2018.

With this service, you will be charged for only the first minute and the remaining talk time for the next hour next 10 minutes will be free. You also get 50MB to browse after the call.

The free after 1 new rules

There are terms and conditions attached to the service and as time goes on, it gets altered. With the new rules introduced, customers can now enjoy the free after 1 with all networks unlike the initials when it was only allowed for only MTN to MTN customers.

Also, you can use your bonus which you acquired from the airtime you purchase to make calls to all networks.

The new rule makes the service more open and customers can now enjoy talktime with their loved ones on other networks and in addition gets free 50MB to browse.

How to enjoy the MTN free after 1 service / nkomode

You enjoy free talktime for 1 hour 10 minutes to all network and you will be deducted only GHS0.30 for the first minute of your call. You also get 50MB data to browse the Internet. Your bonus can also be used to make calls to all networks.

What is the shortcode for MTN free after 1 service / nkomode

The shortcode for MTN free after 1 service which is also know as MTN Nkomode is *550#

How To activate MTN free after 1 service

  1. Dial *550#
  2. Then, Select Option 6 (Free After 1).
  3. After that, Select Option 1 (Activate) to activate the service.
  4. Finally, Select Option 1 once again to confirm.
  5. Congrats! You have now subscribed to the MTN free after 1 service.

NB: For the first minute of every call, you will be charged GHS 0.30, but the rest of the call is free once you successfully register for the free after 1 service.


The MTN free after 1 service or Nkomode gives you some goodies for a quick need. Subscribing will be worth it if you are someone who makes longer calls.

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