MTN Nkomode – How To Activate MTN Free After 1 Service Now

Since MTN has become Ghanaians favourite telco network, the network has been always making Ghanaians feel comfortable using their network and always providing Ghanaians with insane offers that you just can’t resist using.

Talking of the MTN Sunday Special which allows you to pay for as low as GHS 1 you get to talk and text the whole day.

One offer is the special offer bundle which also does not expire, this special offer bundle gives you 460MB for GHS 3 and this bundle is never going to expire.

Not forgetting MTN Akwaaba which allows you to call one number without paying a Pesewa (free) for six good months.

There are a lot of offers that if we decide to talk about them, we are not going to finish anytime soon.

In this article, I have decided to talk about one of my favourite MTN offers which are called Free After 1 and guide you through how to activate this offer.

About MTN Nkomode (Free After 1)

MTN free after one is an offer that was launched by MTN on Nov 2, 2018. This offer allows you to make a call and only pay for the first minute, meaning when you call someone, MTN only deducts the cost of the first minute and the rest of the minutes will be free.

MTN Free After One Minute Code

MTN Ghana has revised a lot of their shortcodes into a unified system in 2021. The code for MTN Free After 1 is now *550#. You can use it to subscribe/unsubscribe from the offer.

How To Activate MTN Free After 1 Offer

  1. On your phone dial the new Free After 1 code — *550#
  2. Choose Option 6: “Free After 1”
  3. Select 1: Activate
  4. Select 1 again to confirm

When you successfully register for the free after 1, you will be deducted GHS 0.30 for every call you will make, meaning MTN takes GHS 0.30 as the cost of the first minute and the rest of the call will be free.

Bonus That Comes With Free After 1

When you subscribe to the free after 1 offer, you don’t only get to get more minutes to talk for free after paying for the first minutes but you also get free 50MB in addition to any day you make your first free after 1 call.

This is a bonus for people who don’t always buy bundles but always want to check up on what’s trending on the internet or have a little conversation on social media.

With free after 1 you also get free 50MB and the good thing about this offer is that you can use this data to browse on any website or app.


MTN free after 1 has come for those of us who like making calls and do not have short calls duration. In this article, we talked about my favourite MTN offer which is called Free After 1, we dived into what this offer is all about and how to subscribe and benefit from this offer.

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