MTN HynetFlex: Purchase Price And Discount, How To Subscribe, Check Balance And More

MTN HynetFlex is a name that is gradually becoming popular among data subscribers in Nigeria; this is because it provides the best browsing servicer to those who have been using it since its existence.

What really makes MTN HynetFlex unique from all other data subscription plans provided by this network provider is that it offers unlimited internet plans to its subscribers.

This data plan could work perfectly for whatever purpose you want to use it for; while some user chooses to use it for their businesses, companies, organisation and so on, others choose to use it to serve their personal needs only, these include, online video streaming, online voice call, online contents download, online messaging, net surfing, social media engagement and even more.

Are you planning to set up an internet connection at your place of work or in your home? Then you will definitely need to set up a router. 

Another name for MTN HynetFlex is MTN HynetFlex 4G LTE Router. MTN Router is a device that interacts between the devices in your home, office and the internet and then providing a very fast service. This makes it perfect for businesses or organization that consumes a whole lot of data within a short period of time.

Who is the MTN HynetFlex Made For?

MTN HynetFlex is made for everybody, but seems to be the best for organisations or individual that consumes high volume of data within a short period of time.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will really appreciate the offers that the network provider has made available through MTN HynetFlex; it will not only reduce the budget of data but will also help to shape the fortune of their businesses.

Are you the type that love to do a whole lot of things online, which includes, downloading contents, streaming videos and songs, play online games and so on, then this data plan is best for you.

Why You Should Go For MTN Hynetflex 4G LTE Router?

MTN HynetFlex is definitely the best for customers who have discovered that the rate at which they consume data is very high.

Apart from the fact that its data plans are relatively cheap, it also comes with an inbuilt battery that comes with the device, this is put in place to avoid interruption to browsing when the power is off. Subscribers also get to enjoy 100% data bonus for the very first six months of activating the plan.

Another amazing thing about MTN HynetFlex 4G LTE Router is that it allows multiple users to connect to the device at the same time; isn’t it interesting that up to 64 users can connect to a single device at the same time.

Also, users tend to get access to flexible and numerous data plans that fit into your budget; the very good thing is that there’s an all-round customer service provider to find solutions to whatever issues that might arise from using this particular data plan.

You could also choose to switch the device to whatever bandwidth/speed that will suit your peculiar need. 

Users are provided with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of data plan options; You also don’t need to install any software to start using the MTN HynetFlex device, you can always activate it yourself without having issues.

How to buy the MTN HynetFlex Router

  1. Take a visit to any of the MTN offices or stores across the country.
  2. Confirm that MTN HynetFlex covers your area of usage, that is the location with which you want to use the data.
  3. Ask the officers at the store to provide you with the order form, ensure you carefully fill all the required information; attach all the required documents.
  4. Make payment using the available payment methods and wait to collect your MTN HynetFlex package.
  5. Another alternative way of purchasing MTN HynetFlex package has been made available, rather than going to MTN stores. These includes getting it from online stores such as JUMIA, KONGA and so on, you could also get connected to fairly use sellers on platforms such as SELL IT, OLIST, and so on.
  6. If you choose the outdoor modem, then an engineer will be made available to help in the installation of your devise within 48ghours of purchase.
  7. The price for MTN HynetFlex was recently reduced drastically in other to make it available to a wide range of users; the device is sold for Ꞥ20,000 as at the time this article is written. The extra bonus that comes with the package includes, a 120GB free data bonus on every subscription made for over a period of 6months from the time the purchase was made, you might also be lucky to win a gift from the network provider.

Various Data Plans For MTN HynetFlex 

Listed in the table below, are the various data plans, validity period and prices.

MTN HynetFlex Data ValuePriceValidity period
Unlimited Ꞥ30,00030days

How To Subscribe To MTN HynetFlex Plans

The most convenient way to top up your MTN HynetFlex data subscription is to connect it to your existing MTN line(s), this can be done at the store where the purchase was made, or by simply putting a call through the customer care. 

Once you are sure that your MTN HynetFlex has been successfully connected with your MTN line, then you can take the following steps to update your data subscriptions:

  • Dial *461# to gain access to MTN data subscription options
  • Select the first option, which is HynetFlex Bundles
  • Select one of the two subscription packages that have been made available; this includes capped bundles and unlimited bundle.
  • Select the validity period of your choice.
  • Select your preferred package
  • Select either one-off purchase or renewable purchase
  • Proceed to make payment; payment could only be made using airtime, so ensure you have enough airtime on your line before you start the renewal process.
  • You’ll receive a text message on your line, confirming if the subscription process for a HynetFlex plan is successful.


Before purchasing MTN HynetFlex package, be informed that the device is limited to some certain locations in the country. For now, MTN HynetFlex can only be accessed and used in places such as Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Ibadan, Kaduna, Bauchi, Oshogbo, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Warri and Sokoto.

Choosing this particular service could be one of the best choices you have ever made, in that it enables you to do whatsoever online, without really paying much for it.

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