MTN Increases Turbonet device price by 65% while increasing FBB Bundle Prices too

Over the last few weeks, MTN Ghana has been communicating with owners of Fixed Broadband Lines, particularly Turbonet customers about an upcoming increase in tariffs.

What most customers, especially those who would want to get themselves the new Turbonet, didn’t anticipate was the increase in the price of the router itself.

The Turbonet router which used to be GHS 300 is now GHS 500; an increase slightly higher than 65%.

Turbonet bundles have also seen various degrees of price increases with a higher cost for the same GB of the internet bundle.

Customers have been complaining both about the increase in tariff as well as the increase in the price of the device itself.

New Prices for MTN Turbonet (March 2020 Update)

Here are the new prices for Turbonet bundles:

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Data VolumeOld PriceNew Price
5GBGHS 20.00GHS 25.00
10GBGHS 40.00GHS 50.00
20GBGHS 75.00
45GBGHS 120.00GHS 145.00
90GBGHS 175.00
225GBGHS 240.00GHS 295.00
550GBGHS 395.00

The 20GB at GHS 75. 90GB at GHS 175 and 550GB at GHS 395 plans have all been taken off. However, there is now the option to buy any amount you want (Flexible Turbonet Data Plans).

A nice quick hack was shared by Twitter user @Qwe_djo on getting an extra 100 GB:

If you’re buying Turbonet data, instead of paying GHS 295 for 225 GB, Choose the “enter any amount” option and buy GHS 300 for 325 GB. That’s 100 gig extra for just GHS 5.

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