MTN Magic Number: Shortcode, How To Register, Benefits & More

One might ask, what is MTN magic Number? Well, I won’t be surprised if you did ask that after seeing the heading of the post. The MTN Magic number is a simple service that allows new subscribers to make calls with a selected MTN number for six months.

It is as simple as that however, it comes with lots of instructions in order to get it right. In this article, I will provide you with the steps to follow in order to activate the MTN Magic Number.

How To Register/Activate MTN Magic Number

First of all, your magic number is the preferred number you would want to have free calls with. That number can be your friend, girlfriend, mother, father or any other person you want. The steps are provided below,

  • First step, dial *550#
  • Choose option 7 (magic number) from the prompt
  • Select option 1 from the next prompt to enter the magic number.
  • The number will be activated for the service successfully now.

That’s all, you are on the free call plan with the magic number until 6 months period.

What You Should Know About This Service

  • The SIM should be a newly registered MTN Sim card under 3 months old
  • It is confined to only one preferred MTN number. This means that you can only select one number per every new SIM card.
  • You enjoy free calls only for a period of 6 months. After this period, any call you make to your magic number will be charged.

Benefits Of Activating The Magic Number

There are so many benefits you enjoy when you activate the MTN Magic number. I mean come to think of it, if you have this particular number you speak with for more than an hour, look at the amount of credit you lose but with the magic number, you can talk all day without paying a dime.

Also, another benefit of the magic number is that it saves money and credit. The money you would use to purchase credit to call that number can be saved and used for another purpose.

Other MTN Short Codes And Services

  • Dial free short code *156# to check MTN Ghana network mobile numbers.
  • Dial *124# to check your credit
  • Dial *138# for Internet bundle, SMS bundles
  • *170# for mobile money services
  • To borrow credit dial *506#
  • To generate Nobile Money ATM token dial *511#
  • To know if your number is registered dial *400#
  • Request internet settings. Send a blank text message (SMS) to 585 from your MTN. Save the settings you received, to your phone. Select MTN DATA as a default access point.

More elaborated other MTN Short codes and services are available in another post in the site.


Most people never knew there is a free call to a particular number for 6 months. The MTN magic number is a game changer. In this article, I have provided you with the steps to activate the service.

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