MTN Midnight Data Bundles: Bundle Prices & How to subscribe

We look at MTN Ghana’s Data Bundles, their prices and how to subscribe for yourself or a friend, either via airtime or Mobile Money.

If you love working or staying online while midnight and if you need to stay connected with your family members who are far from you, MTN Midnight data bundles are the best way to go.

With it, you can browse, chat, tweet and watch what you want at any time of the day at a very affordable price. In this article, we will be talking about MTN Midnight data bundle prices, how to subscribe and best available deals.

About MTN Midnight data bundle

An MTN midnight data bundle is an affordable monthly data bundle designed for the late-night browsing sessions. It’s priced affordably so you don’t feel guilty about reading your social media updates or catching up on emails.

With a cheap option available, this data bundle is perfect for when you need internet access at night but don’t want to spend too much.

How to subscribe to MTN Midnight data bundle using airtime

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Midnight Bundles (Option 2).
  3. Select Buy For Self (Option 1).
  4. Select Flexi (Option 1).
  5. Enter the preferred amount you want to purchase.
  6. Choose 1.
  7. Select Option 1 with Airtime.
  8. Confirm purchase.

How to subscribe to MTN Midnight data bundle using MoMo

You may want to subscribe for the midnight bundle at some point but may not be having airtime. You can save that stress of having to buy airtime before activating the bundle.

You can directly pay for your midnight bundle directly from MTN mobile money wallet.

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 2 (Midnight Bundles).
  3. Select Option 1 (Buy For Self).
  4. Select Option 1 (Flexi).
  5. Enter the Preferred amount you want to purchase.
  6. Select Option 1.
  7. Choose Payment  (Select Option 2 with Mobile Money).
  8. Enter your Mobile Money Pin.
  9. Confirm Purchase.

MTN Midnight data bundle prices

MTN Midnight bundle prices ranges from as low as GHS0.01 to GHS2.99. Data bundle within this range can be purchased. However, if you want more than the said amount, you can purchase double within the amount range until you’ve gotten the gigabyte you want.

Data bundle range starts from 29.15MB to 8.51GB, with 29.15MB for GHS0.01 and 8.51GB for GHS2.99. Any amount you buy has its designated bundle which will be allocated to you.

How to purchase MTN Midnight data bundle for another MTN number

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Buy For Others (Option 2).
  3. Enter the receiver’s phone number
  4. Repeat Phone Number.
  5. Select Flexi (Option 1).
  6. Enter the amount you want to purchase.
  7. Select Buy (Option 1)
  8. Select Mode Of Payment (Airtime or Mobile Money).

What time does MTN Midnight data bundle starts

The name midnight means it starts from 12:00am.

What time does MTN Midnight data bundle ends

The MTN midnight data bundle ends at 5:00am.

Can you use MTN Midnight data bundle during day time?

No. MTN midnight data bundle cannot be used during day time and that is why the name midnight. Meaning, it is specially made for midnight when everyone is asleep and you have this big gigabyte file you want to download.

Does MTN Midnight data bundle expires?

MTN Midnight data bundle does not expire. It can be used every midnight so far as you have it purchased. During day time, it switches for you to use your normal data bundle and during midnight, you can then use your midnight bundle.


MTN Midnight data bundle is a great offer for mtn users who want to enjoy surfing the Internet without worrying about spending huge amount for it. With a less amount of money in your account, you can purchase a huge midnight bundle for your dealings.

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