MTN Nigeria Internet Browsing Packages

MTN is the most popular telecommunication company in Nigeria, almost everyone in Nigeria has a line registered with this company. This popularity and trust is a result of the unfailing connections they provide for both phone calls and internet browsing.

MTN has however improved on their internet browsing packages to further give more satisfaction to their customers who are increasing in number daily. This service update is to add more values to the existing plans, making it possible for people of a low, medium and high class to choose from the varieties of data packages that have been made available.

Meanwhile, just like many other telecommunication companies, MTN offers hourly, daily, and weekly plans; all these were created to serve those that couldn’t afford the popular monthly and yearly plans, it could also serve as backups or those who got their monthly plan exhausted before it expires.

The recent upgrade that was made, also comes with a huge discount for virtually all the available data subscription plans, this makes it possible or customers to acquire a larger volume of data for the same price; for instance, the former NGN1000 for 1GB is now 1.5GB, same goes with the other packages, what makes it more interesting is that the higher the price of the data plan the higher the discount that comes with it.

Whenever you are deciding on buying a data subscription, you should go for the package that best suits your pocket and can also serve the purpose it needs to.

Surfing the internet without having an active data subscription is going to be at the expense of your airtime, as MTN currently charges 5kobo/kb for “pay as you go browsing”; this particular idea might be beneficial to some customers, while it can be destructive to others, as it seems more expensive. So it is better you gently move to a plan using its internet browsing code as they give you more data value for your money.

Current MTN Packages and Their Respective Price

Compiled in the table below are the current data subscription packages of MTN that you can choose from, this also comes with the prices and how to go about activating them.

Data BundleValidityPriceHow to Activate
25 MB Plan24 hoursNGN 50Text 144 to 131
75 MB Plan24 hoursNGN 100Text 104 to 131
200 MB Plan2 daysNGN 200Text 113 to 131
350 MB Plan7 daysNGN 300Text 102 to131
750 MB Plan7 daysNGN 500Text 103 to 131
1 GB Plan7 daysNGN 500Text 142 to 131
1.5 GB Plan30 daysNGN 1,000Text 106 to 131
2 GB Plan30 daysNGN 1,200Text 130 to 131
3 GB Plan30 daysNGN 1,500Text 131 to 131
4.5 GB Plan30 daysNGN 2,000Text 110 to 131
6 GB Plan30 daysNGN 2,500Text 147 to 131
8 GB Plan30 daysNGN 3,000Text 148 to 131
10 GB Plan30 daysNGN 3,500Text 107 to 131
15 GB Plan30 daysNGN 5,000Text 116 to 131
40 GB Plan30 daysNGN 10,000Text 117 to 131
75 GB Plan30 daysNGN 15, 000Text 150 to 131
110 GB Plan30 daysNGN 20,000Text 149 to 131
1 GB Daily Plan24 hoursNGN 350Text 155 to 131
2 GB Daily Plan2 daysNGN 500Text 154 to 131
6 GB Weekly Plan7 daysNGN 1,500Text 143 to 131
60 GB Plan60 daysNGN 20,000Text 118 to 131
100 GB Plan60 daysNGN 30,000Text 138 to 131
120 GB Plan90 daysNGN 50,000Text 133 to 131
150 GB Plan90 daysNGN 70,000Text 134 to 131

Listed above are the available subscription packages available on the MTN network with the needed information.

To check your data subscription data balance, simply Text 2 to 131, all these data packages support 2G, 3G, and even 4G LTE.

MTN night subscription plan is also available for customers who prefer surfing the internet at night, dial *406*3# to choose from the available night plans; this doesn’t affect your normal data subscription in any way.


Note that you can easily access the MTN internet service on the internet enables mobile, such as phones, mi-fi, modem, router, and so on.

Before selecting any of the data packages listed in the table, ensure you have enough airtime on your MTN line. You can also call the MTN customer service on 180 or 181 to complain about issues that might arise from data subscription.

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