MTN Pick & Pay Later Phones Prices In Ghana

Worried about paying the full amount of your dream phone? MTN Pick and Pay Later got you covered. With the” Pick and Pay later” program, you will have the option to purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and later pay them in installments.

Learn about what you must know about MTN Pick and Pay Later Program and get to know the latest prices of Samsung Galaxy phones with this article.

What is the MTN Pick and Pay Later Program

The MTN “Pick and Pay later” program is a collaboration with Samsung and Ecobank Ghana. The goal is to enable Ecobank customers own a Samsung phone of their choice and later pay in installments through Ecobank.

Samsung Ghana regulations state a person may buy any of Samsung’s phone of their choice and later pay them over a period of 6 to 12 months.

With this deal, you can pay in installments for as little as GHS 38.00 over a period of 6 to 12 months.

Latest Prices of MTN Pick and Pay Phones

Phone NamePrice
SAMSUNG A256E (A25) (256GB+8GB)GHS 3,499.00
SAMSUNG A155 (A15) (256GB+8GB)GHS 2,599.00
SAMSUNG A155 (A15) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,899.00
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,159.00
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,349.00
SAMSUNG A057F (A05S) (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,699.00
SAMSUNG A24 (A245) (128GB+6GB)GHS 2,999.00
SAMSUNG A24 (A245) (128GB+4GB)GHS 2,799.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (256GB+12GB)GHS 16,999.00
SAMSUNG S24 (S921B) (256GB+8GB)GHS 11,299.00
SAMSUNG S24 (S921B) (128GB+8GB)GHS 10,499.00
SAMSUNG S24+ (S926B) (512GB+12GB)GHS 14,499.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (1TB+12GB )GHS 21,499.00
SAMSUNG S24+ (S926B) (256GB+12GB)GHS 12,999.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (512GB+12GB)GHS 18,599.00

Steps to Get a Phone with MTN Pick and Pay

  1. Dial *527# to determine if you qualify for the program.
  2. If eligible, go to any of the specified MTN branches.
  3. Fill out a Loan Application KYC form at the service center.
  4. Make the required initial payment through MoMo (Mobile Money) before collecting your item.
  5. Your monthly payments will be deducted from your mobile money wallet. You can also initiate installment payments by dialing *527# whenever you have funds in your wallet.

Wrapping Up

This is a straightforward process to get your dream phone with the MTN Pick and Pay Later program. Just follow the steps above to purchase your phone and kindly share this article after reading.

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