MTN Shortz Challenge: How to apply, participate and more info

#MTNShortz is a warehouse of short videos designed to grab viewers and tell them the African story.

Telecommunication giant, MTN Ghana has launched a competition to monetize the creativity of content developers in the country.

The digital innovation dubbed MTN Shortz is also to give subscribers a chance to make short video contents, which includes comedy, animations, podcast, games and films.

Speaking at the launch MTN Shortz, Acting Chief Marketing Officer of MTN, Noel Kojo-Ganson underscored the need to make smartphones more relevant during this digital age as the poised to create relevant contents that would inform, entertain and educate the user.

He said: “MTN Shortz is a platform that would empower our customers digitally and serve as a reference point for them to access short video contents like comedy, animation, podcast, games and Films. This platform is also expected to be a revenue-generating source for content developers.

“In order to boost content injection on the MTN Shortz platform and create the opportunity for content developers to monetize their creation. MTN is inviting content creators, animators, game developers, newspaper houses, movie producers, TV stations, radio stations, bloggers, social media experts to submit very innovative contents on MTN Shortz platform to participate in the MTN Shortz Challenge” he stated.

Mr Kojo-Ganson further stated that content should be generated locally, as they would use the platform to encourage the rich cultural heritage of Ghana.

“The MTN Shorts challenge presents an opportunity for all of us to tell the African story or share information on Ghana’s culture and any other useful information required for life.

“Content could be on health, education and any other issue of social importance. We hope to receive very exciting and thought-provoking contents from various developers,” he noted.

Types of content you can submit through MTN Shortz

Currently, the platform allows you to submit the following content:

  • Short Films
  • Funny Videos
  • Animations
  • Podcasts
  • Games

How to apply to MTN Shortz

Applicants interested in the challenge would have to log in onto MTN Shortz Site and provide necessary personal details for registration from August 8 till August 27, with the participant standing a chance of winning a total cash prize of Ghc 50,000.00

The main MTN Shortz platform is expected to run after the challenge as various workshops would be organised by the telecommunication giants in order to educate content developers about how the platform works.

Eligibility & Participation

Entry Fee: Free

Eligibility: All Ghanaian content creators and content aggregators

Entry Category:

  • Short Film
  • Funny Video
  • Animation
  • Podcast
  • Games

General terms of participation / Rules and Regulations

  • Short Films/ Funny Videos/ Podcasts/ Animations: Entries must not exceed 10 minutes in duration including all titles and credits.
  • Games: The “.apk” should not exceed 100MB
  • Deadline for submission is 27th August 2018.

How to submit

Participants should use “DropBox or We Transfer” to upload their videos and send the file link to [email protected] with below details

  • Full name
  • Team members
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • State participating category

Any queries should be submitted to [email protected]

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