MTN Sim Update online: How to update Info before going to the Office

Update: The NCA says you still would have to visit the office physically even after this. This method does not replace going to the MTN office as earlier published. Update: 8-Jan-2022, 14:45, The update portal is currently down.

The latest Sim Re-Registration with a deadline of March 2022 has caused lots of queues at MTN offices nationwide. Since MTN is the biggest Telco operating in Ghana, they seem to have been burdened with a lot of pressure in registering all their users.

The system is reportedly slow and has made it difficult to register more people daily.

Luckily, there is a new online way to fill your data for MTN Ghana’s KYC (Know Your Customer) database.

In this article, we will walk you through how to update your details with MTN Ghana without having to step foot at the MTN office. Remember you still need to visit the office for the SIM re-registration.

What you need to do online re-registration of MTN Ghana SIM

To successfully complete the SIM update with your details, you need to have the following details available on your phone/PC:

  • Date of Birth
  • ID Card (Ghana Card)
  • Residential address (Ghana Post GPS code) – Here is how to get it
  • Soft copy of Ghana Card (Take a photo with your phone)
  • Soft copy of you holding the Ghana CARD (Clearly showing your face and the ID Card)

Once you have these, you are ready to complete the process.

This is the first part. Follow the steps below if you want to do the SIM Card re-registration in Ghana so that you update your details and keep your number safe.

  1. Dial *404# on the SIM Card you want to register
  2. Enter Ghana Card PIN (Enter letters and figures without the hyphens)
  3. Confirm Ghana card PIN
  4. Enter your Surname, First Name and other names
  5. Enter your Date of Birth in the format DDMMYY
  6. Select your Sex
  7. Confirm details
  8. Submit the details provided after confirmation

You are ready for Part 2

Update MTN Sim Details Online

When you are done with the first part, follow the steps below to update your details with the MTN Portal online:

  1. Visit on your phone/PC
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Wait for OTP, enter the OTP and press enter
  4. Fill in the details required on the page
  5. Upload your Ghana Card soft copy
  6. Upload a photo of you holding the Ghana Card
  7. Check the agreement to data collection box
  8. Click on Submit


Once you are done with these steps, you can visit the MTN Office for the final part of the SIM registration. Deadline is currently the last day of March 2022.

It is expected that the NCA together with the Telcos will come up with a more efficient way to go through the whole sim re-registration process, especially for corporate entities and businesses who have hundreds of SIM cards they use.

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