MTN SMS Bundle Packages in Ghana and How to Subscribe

MTN as telecommunication in Ghana being Ghana’s favourite, it is time we talk about some of its packages.

Do you love making too many calls? don’t worry MTN got you covered, they have a package for you and that package is called Free After 1, this offer allows you to make a call and only pay for the first minute and the rest is free.

Worried about telecommunications taking your bundle even if you haven’s used all of them? MTN has also got you covered on this, with MTN bundle, their bundles do not expire.

Do you love browsing at night? MTN Ghana currently has the best and affordable midnight bundle you can ever imagine, with just GHS 1, you can get 2.6GB to be used from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM and the good thing is when you are not able to use it, this bundle does not expire and can use the next time it is 12:00 AM again.

If we don’t stop talking about offers MTN is giving to its customers, then I believe we are all going to sleep on this website because they have a lot for its customers.

You might be someone who loves making phones calls and prefers calls than texting, but I am the kind of person who prefers phone calls due to some reasons, one is I see phone calls to be something that takes all your time, another one is it also doesn’t let you concentrate in whatever you are doing (you know I am a writer and this is why I don’t like making phone calls).

But when it comes to texting, I can be writing an article and at the same time will be replying messages without any distractions.

In this article, we are going to talk about MTN SMS Bundle Packages in Ghana and How to Subscribe

How To Make SMS Bundle On MTN

  • Dial *138#
  • Select 2: Combo Bundle
  • Now select 1: SMS Bundles
  • Select your preferred bundle and then confirm it

MTN Bundle Packages

GHS 0.510 SMSNo Expiry
GHS 1.122 SMSNo Expiry
GHS 2.244 SMSNo Expiry
GHS 5.4108 SMSNo Expiry
GHS 9.8980 SMSNo Expiry


You might be like me who prefers texting than making phone calls, if so then it is better to make SMS bundle as when you always text it cost more than making the bundle. You can even compare it and agree with me on that.

In this article, we went through how to subscribe and make MTN SMS bundles.

So let me know, do you prefer calling than texting?

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