MTN Zone: How to Get Cheap Data + Best Tips & Deals

MTN has taken the continent by storm, with their affordable data and superior network services, it’s no surprise that many people have been inclined to make them their network of choice.

MTN Zone is here to help you navigate your way through this new world of data, giving you cheap data deals and offers for your Internet connectivity.

About MTN Zone

MTN Zone bundle is a data bundle aspect of MTN initiation that looks to reduce data burden on their customers. The zone bundle us specifically made for only MTN users.

Why do you need the MTN Zone data

Every customers want comfortable as well as fas t and reliable internet connection. But in all, they also want a data bundle that will be convenient for their pockets. With the data zone offers, it has all this attributes and that is why every customer would want it or be interested in it.

How to activate MTN Zone

MTN zone is an offer in their own zone, and to be able to be part of the zone family, you need to activate or subscribe before you can be able to purchase the available offers. To activate or subscribe to MTN zone,

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Choose the option 1 (Activate)
  3. You will receive a welcome message and instructions to subscribe to the offer on your phone.
  4. After dialing the *135# to activate the MTN Zone, you should follow the instruction that says, dial 135*3*3# for information on setting up your handset.

MTN Zone data packages and prices

After successful subscription, you can be able to access the data packages below. Note that, the MTN zone data packages varies and can change anytime so you need to keep note of the time you wish to buy so you can be able to buy your favorite offer.

MTN Zone AmountDurationData Bundle
GHS 2.09 – GHS 2.99 1 Day1 GB
GHS 3.09 – GHS 3.99 (1 Day)1 Day2 GB
GHS 4.09 – GHS 5.99 (1 Day)1 Day5 GB

How to buy data package on MTN Zone

Now, you have your subscription successfully and you know how much to posses in order to buy an offer from MTN zone. Below is how to buy a data package on MTN Zone;

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Select the option 2 (Zone bundles)
  3. Choose the option 1 (Data Zone Bundles).
  4. Choose from the data packages available at thay time.
  5. Select Yes, when asked are you sure you want to buy the bundle of which you selected.
  6. Congrats, you now have your prefered data.

Note that, you can only purchase the MTN zone bundle from your airtime only. You need to purchase airtime if you have your money on MoMo to be able to subscribe to data zone. If you are owing, clear your debt before you can be able to enjoy MTN data zone offers.

Other MTN Data bundle offers customers can subscribe to

MTN Data PackageShortcode
MTN Basic package*138#
MTN Kokrokoo Bundle*138#
MTN Midnight Packages*138#
MTN Social Media Bundles*138#
MTN Video Bundles*138#
MTN Turbonet Broadband Bundle*5057#
MTN Free After 1*550*6#
MTN Reward*550*7#
MTN Mashup*567#
MTN Just4U*141#

How to manage your mtn data bundle for a longer usage

  1. Switch of your data bar when not in use.
  2. Calculate the amount of data you need at a specific time before purchasing.
  3. Do not go overboard with a plan not part of your existing data.
  4. If you need to download a bigger file, choose a midnignt bundle instead of using your normal data bundle.

MTN Data bundles: best tips and deals

With the above said, MTN Zone, MTN free after one, MTN Reward and MTN Midnight will give you the cheapest offer for customers.

  • With MTN free after 1, you get 50MB for your WhatsApp and Facebook messages when you activate and make your first call of the day even when you use your bonus.
  • With MTN Rewards, you get free data bundle or airtime with your points. The more you use data and make calls, the more MTN accumulate points for you. With that point, you can purchase airtime or data bundle when you are down with no money for airtime or bundle.
  • MTN Midnight gives you bigger bundles for cheap amount. The Midnight bundle as the name goes can only be used during Midnight for your bigger files. It last between 12:00am – 4:59am.
  • MTN Zone also gives you cheap offers compared to the regular package prices. If you need to do something within 24 hours and you want to last a bit longer then, you can go for the zone bundle.


MTN has the best, the cheap and also the highest fee data bundles. Depending on what you want, you can get them on MTN. However, there are also good alternatives with the other networks which you can also give them a try.

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