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Mula: Digital Service for ECG Prepaid Power Launches in Ghana

Cellulant, a multinational payments company has launched Mula, a payments platform that has revolutionised payments in Ghana by providing the first digital payments service for ECG prepaid.

Before the launch of the service, ECG customers needed to visit an agent nearby their home to buy power credit. This experience proved difficult and inconveniencing customers when power credit would run out sometimes in the middle of the night with no agent available to provide more credit.

This new service, “Mula” has completely removed the need for the worry, stress and inconvenience by providing the ability to buy credit on their phone from any of their mobile money wallets.

At the Launch of Mula App

“Today customers are mobile and are always looking for better ways to integrate their daily activities. With the launch of Mula we aim to provide a better way for customers in Ghana to make payments.,” says Mr Albert Ngumba, Country Manager for Cellular Ghana. “We aim to transform how customers make payments in this country, providing solutions that are relevant to our customer’s daily lives. Mula is a secure, simple and convenient alternative for customers to pay their bills from their phones.”

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Mula was released to the public on Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 in Accra. Currently, customers can not only buy ECG prepaid power credit, but they can buy airtime from any of the networks, pay for DStv and GOtv subscriptions using their wallet of choices such as MTN Money, Tigo Cash and Airtel Money. Vodafone Cash will be available within the month.

The payment is available by dialling code *234# or downloading the application on the Google PlayStore.

Mula: What is it?

Mula is the payment platform of choice for Ghana’s growing mobile-first generation and the burgeoning internet users. Mula provides an easy, cashless and convenient payment solution for customers.

For the ever evolving and forward-thinking Ghanaian looking for more freedom and control of their money, the Service presents five unique features for the consumers.

ECG Customers can now:

  • Know their exact bill amount payable
  • Pay their bills with different payment options
  • Get bill reminders sent straight to their phones
  • Save all customer account numbers in one place
  • Buy airtime for different phone networks with one wallet
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Note: #Mula currently only works with Kamstrup meters. You also get GHS 5 anytime you buy power with Mula. Call +233540766734 for more info.

About Cellulant

Cellulant is a multinational payments company operating a one-stop payments ecosystem in Africa; connecting businesses and governments to the increasingly mobile consumers.

Driven by the mission to build a world class business in Africa for Africa and by Africans; Cellulant now operates in 11 countries, with a growing workforce of 250 employees across the African continent. The company’s ecosystem connects over 95 banks, 30 Mobile Network Operators, 2 Government-backed e-Wallets and more than 600 blue chip companies.

As of January 2017, roughly 12% of Africa’s mobile consumers can make payments using Cellulant’s services and products.

Mula: Digital Service for ECG Prepaid Power Launches in Ghana
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Mula: Digital Service for ECG Prepaid Power Launches in Ghana
Mula ECG Mobile App is an ECG agent on your phone. The Mula app works only with Kamstrup meters at this time. The ECG Mobile App can be downloaded on mobile
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December 24, 2017

“The service is not currently available. We apologize for the inconvenience”

August 25, 2017

There is supposed to be a system, to detect the meters , and reject payment for non prescribed meters

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