New to CBD Oil? Here Are 3 of the Best Ways to Use It

An increasing number of people are looking to try CBD supplements over the last few years. CBD has been one of the most widely discussed supplements and has become a popular media topic and scientific interest area. 

With this increase in popularity, there has been a massive increase in the range of options when it comes to purchasing CBD. It is not just the number of brands that are now available that has increased, but also the vast range of different ways CBD can be enjoyed.

For those who are new to CBD supplements and, in particular, CBD oil, knowing which products to buy and how to use them can feel a little daunting. Here are three of the best ways to get started with CBD to help get started on the CBD journey.

#1 – Flavored CBD Oil Tinctures

A great option when looking to buy CBD oil is to purchase flavored oils. Made from the same core ingredients as unflavored oils with the addition of terpenes or flavorings, these oils can make the experience of consuming CBD oil much more enjoyable.

Using CBD oil drops sublingually is perhaps one of the easiest ways to use CBD tinctures; however, some people find the flavor to be off-putting. Opting for flavored oils helps solve this problem as consumers can choose a flavor profile that is suited to individual tastes.

An increasing number of brands are offering a wider range of flavors, making it much easier to find options that people can look forward to using. Premium Jane, for example, offers a diverse selection of flavors. Some of the options available from Premium Jane include mint chocolate, citrus, and lemon-lime. 

#2 – CBD Oils with Meals

Another simple and easy way to add CBD oil to any diet is by incorporating it into a meal like breakfast. This helps to hide the strong flavor profile of the oil and cements it as part of everyday diet and routine.

Alongside flavored CBD oils, most brands, such as Premium Jane, also offer natural oils, which are a great option for adding to meals. The natural herbal flavors can blend into recipes much easier than flavored oils without altering the overall taste of the dish.

There are many different ways that CBD oils can be included in meals, including adding a few drops to smoothies or salad dressings. Using CBD oils in baked goods is another popular idea, with brownies, cookies, and cakes being common picks. 

Rather than baking CBD oil treats, customers can also purchase CBD edibles that have CBD oil as one of their ingredients. CBD gummies and CBD cookies are two incredibly popular options.

#3 – CBD Oil Capsules

CBD oil can also be consumed in capsule form and can be a good option for those seeking a super quick CBD solution. Many brands use the same CBD oil found in their tinctures to create capsules. With capsules, consumers can, therefore, enjoy the same benefits oil with minimal effort.

One of CBD oil capsules’ best features is that they already contain a predetermined dose of CBD. A big concern for those who are new to using CBD oils is the risk of inconsistent dosage when measuring out oils. With CBD oil capsules, this is not a problem as all of the hard work of measuring out CBD has already been done.

Several studies have shown that consistency is important when taking CBD supplements. This involves consistency in taking CBD supplements regularly and taking the same amount each time. CBD oil capsules help to ensure both of these things occur. 

As CBD oil capsules are so quick and easy to use, they are much easier to work into even the busiest of routines. CBD oil capsules can also be extremely discreet so that they can be taken in almost any situation.

One of the main advantages of using CBD oils is that the user gets complete control over how much CBD they consume at any one time. Luckily, brands are increasingly offering different strengths when it comes to oil capsules so that there is always a significant amount of choice.

For both CBD oil capsules and flavored CBD oil tinctures, Premium Jane is a great place to start as a new CBD user. With a wide range of flavors and strength options, it is easy to find the perfect balance to get started. 

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