NITA Partners with Smart Infraco and Trend Micro to Enhance Cybersecurity of Government IT Systems

Accra, Ghana – The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) has announced a strategic partnership with Smart Infraco and Trend Micro to bolster the cybersecurity of Ghana’s government IT infrastructure. This collaboration aims to address the concerning exposure of 70% of government computers and IT systems to cyber threats.

Extensive Cyber Vulnerability Revealed

Richard Okyere-Fosu, the Director-General of NITA, revealed a worrying statistic at the partnership signing ceremony: only just over 30% of government IT networks and computers are currently equipped with antivirus protection. This leaves the vast majority of governmental digital assets vulnerable to cyberattacks, undermining efforts to digitalize the economy fully.

A Strategic Agreement to Safeguard Infrastructure

The agreement aligns with the Government of Ghana Enterprise Architecture (GGEA), a framework mandating the use of antivirus software across all government systems and devices. Under this new agreement, Smart Infraco will deploy Trend Micro’s Deep Security Solution at the national Data Centres to extend antivirus services to various government agencies, ensuring protection reaches as far as phones, laptops, and tablets used for remote government work.

Comprehensive Protection Measures

According to Okyere-Fosu, Trend Micro’s security solutions will deliver robust protection at both server and endpoint levels. The suite includes features like intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and integrity monitoring. Additionally, it covers Email Security and Extended Detection and Response (XDR), essential for preventing data loss and automating threat detection and response across government platforms.

Roles and Responsibilities

Smart Infraco, taking over NITA’s infrastructure, will act as the execution agency, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity across all public sector networks and end-terminal devices. Alfred Nkrow, Head of Sales and Commercial at Smart Infraco, emphasized that this partnership would enhance the security measures protecting public institutions from various cyber threats.

Mazen Al-Adhami, Middle East and Africa Manager at Trend Micro, highlighted their commitment to not only provide cybersecurity solutions but also to train and support the staff of state institutions in effectively managing these systems.

This partnership is expected to significantly enhance the security posture of government IT systems across Ghana, ensuring a safer digital environment for public sector operations. Richard Okyere-Fosu remains optimistic that this initiative will greatly reduce application risks and bolster overall cybersecurity resilience within government systems.

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