NYE in California Casinos

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It is surprising to see several tribal gambling casinos in California all set for new year’s despite the businesses’ extraordinary limitations due to the killer coronavirus.

California is known as the Golden State of America, and this Golden state does have some of the best entertainment options, among which the casinos are one of the top ones. There are several fantastic gambling casinos in California. Still, due to the current global pandemic and the stay-home orders, these casinos weren’t possible to operate for most of 2020. However, it is somewhat surprising to see these casinos gearing up for the 2021 New Year’s Eve. The Governor of California, Mr. Gavin Newsom, ordered the limitation of extraordinary businesses which included New Year celebrations. Still, it seems like some tribal casinos for gambling in California don’t care about it.

Among the casinos that were all set for the New Year’s celebrations despite the restrictions following Covid-19 included Thunder Valley Resort Casino, Morongo Casino Resort & SPA. The colossal bill boards outside these casinos displayed flashy messages that said “Good Times are back” and “We are open 24/7”.

The displaying of such messages regarding the NYE celebrations at the time when these have been a sober restraint from the Gov. of California due to the deadly virus that flooded the hospitals with dead bodies is surprising.

The safety rules in these tribal casinos have pretty much been unchanged since the reopening of the casinos. The government of California stiffened the rules and started enforcing the stay-at-home orders in early December. It is a time of celebration and happiness on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and to contain the spread of covid-19, the government had to, unfortunately, limit the business activities in California. These restrictions included prohibiting indoor religious services, dining in a restaurant, closing gyms, limited hotel reservations, and the retail stores to run at a max capacity of 20%.

The tribal casinos of California, however, are a whole another story. These casinos fall under the federal laws, and the federal government owns even the land on which they operate; therefore, these are not required to follow the Governor of California’s orders. The federal government recognizes 574 tribes in the country, and they are allowed to run their business without any approval from the state.

There was another case of a casino in San Francisco that was organizing a part despite the light restrictions regarding gathering by the Californian government. The Graton Resort and Casino had to face extreme backlash when they announced they would be closed for a private party. Upon investigation, it came up that the party was to be organized for about 4000 people. The party was immediately canceled. The casino had to put up a post online that said, “We apologize for any inconvenience” to apologize to the guests.

The deadly virus is not over yet. People, especially the business owners, where the large gathering is expected, such as casinos, are advised to respect the government orders because they are made for our safety. We should take all sorts of precautionary measures to stay safe not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones.

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