OLX becomes Jiji Ghana in a forcasted move in the classifieds space

OLX Ghana, in what seems like a partnership with Walie Holdings Ltd is changing its name to Jiji and users of olx.com.gh will soon be redirected to jiji.com.gh.

Walie Holdings Ltd. owns Jiji.com.gh, which will apparently power a new OLX and give a brand new experience to traders so they can continue to buy and sell on the classifieds site.

The redirection of the site was supposed to start from the 20th of June 2019 but as at the time of reporting, it is still not in place.

However, there seems to be a smooth migration process as users of OLX Ghana will still be able to sign in and continue using their existing accounts on Jiji, without having to create a new one.

Users of OLX should also note that from 20 June 2019, the Privacy Policy of Walie Holdings Ltd. will govern the use of their personal information.

OLX has been struggling to beat Tonaton to number one spot in the classifieds sector in Ghana and it will be interesting to know how this new change will affect the classifieds landscape in Ghana.

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