The Top Online Ecommerce Shops In Ghana You Can Buy From

Ecommerce shops in Ghana are now getting much better and powerful. With the increase in demand for digital products and the rise in peoples’ trust in the online business, a lot for online shops has been created.

Unlike years back, when most people fear to buy things online.

Today, people feel ease to key their credit cards on the internet stores to purchase any goods they want with a high percentage believe that they will get their products. We have seen the coming into being of many online shops in Ghana for the past years. Each day, new Ghanaian online shops are being created and these stores offer a wide variety of products that anyone from Ghana and beyond can buy have it shipped to wherever he/she stays in Ghana.

The like of Jumia and that of Kikuu has been the talk of the day. Most people feel like these two popular stores are the only shops in Ghana that offer great products at a cheaper price. But little do they know there are others that can compete with these stores. In this post, we are going to look at these Ghanaian owned online shops you can buy from. So without wasting further time lets dive to the point.

Below are some of the online stores you can buy from in Ghana:

  • Jumia
  • Kikuu
  • Zoobashop
  • Superprice
  • Melcom Ghana

Now let’s look at these sites in details. What they sell and how you can purchase from the site.

Jumia Ghana

Jumia is currently one of the leading online shops in Africa selling all categories of products. It has operations in almost all the Africa countries including Ghana. Jumia Ghana has grown to the stage where all their products can easily be accessed from every corner of the country.

With its best delivery method and supportive staff, customers turn to love them most. Jumia Ghana offers a variety of products ranging from Phones & Tablets, Electronics, Computing, Fashion, Home & Office, Health & Beauty, Gaming, Accessories, Clothing, Grooming & Healthcare Kits, Diapering, Grocery. etc. It has recently added a section for travel that allows one to book hotels. If you are from the capital city, you can use the Jumia food section to order food and get it delivered to your location within the city.


Kikuu is a Chinese based store with operations in Ghana. Kikuu has been one of my favourite stores for online shopping. the products offer on this shopping site are amazing because of the price, the time taken to get the goods in Ghana, and the payment method used for buying items. A lot of people have fallen for this site also.

The Kikuu shop is well patronized by students and unemployed graduates. Most students use this site for their benefit. I got to know of this site way back in 2016 when I was in the university through a female friend. This friend of mine by then knew of this shop which she uses to make some decent amount of money on campus.

During that time, the store was not all that popular among the students. So most people who were aware of it bought products at cheaper prices and then sold them to their colleague students at a profit margin. What makes Kikuu the best is the fact that they have their agents all over the regions and district capitals of Ghana.

Once you shop on this store, you are given a tracking page most especially when you use the app. With the tracking, you get to know the status of your order at any checkpoint.


Another great e-commerce shop in Ghana that has been in the system for some time now is the Zoobashop.

It offers products ranging from home appliance, phones, groceries, food and drinks, beauty, fashion, baby products, books & games, kids and toys. This site was once among and still belong to the largest market online shop in Ghana.

Zoobashop has a well define product categories which allows you to easily navigate through the site to find what so ever product you want. Check the site here to see for yourself.

Melcom Ghana

Melcom shopping Centre is not a new deal to many since they are already familiar with their local brick and mortar stores. Every ordinary Ghanaian knows of this shopping Centre.

Melcom in its quest to be among the business that serves customers both online and offline created the Melcom online shopping Centre.

This online shop serves as the digital presence of the Melcom Shopping Centre. On this shop, you can easily order goods and service that you could have order offline when you visit the physical shop outlet.

Thanks to the internet and the coming into existence of the Melcom online shop, today you can sit in the comfort of your home and order these same products then get them delivered to your home with no extra cost.


Just like, the superprice online shopping site also offers great products that you can easily add to your cart. electronics products and other items such as cloths include the Zoobashop.

The website has a wide variety of items such as smartphones, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Kids & Baby Fashion, TV Audio & Video, Home & Living, Beauty & Perfumes, Sports & Fitness, Landline Phones, Books & Other Categories.

Other Online Shops In Ghana Are:

The aforementioned are some of the e-commerce shops in Ghana. Anyone can make a purchase from these sites and get them delivered to his or her home address anywhere in the country.

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