List Of Online Gift Shops In Ghana You Can Use To Surprise Someone

Gifts have for long been one of the beautiful ways humans show affection and love. Though lots of things have changed about human relations today, gifts remain an integral part of our dealings as humans.

Lovers trying to impress their partners, relatives trying to surprise their family members or colleagues being so caring? There is one thing we all fall on – gifts!

In Ghana, gift shops are rare. Hence people normally tend to buy from petit-shops to surprise their loved ones. But, what if you just want to stay at home and have your gifts delivered to the recipient just as you’d order food from your favourite restaurant?

Yes! it’s actually possible in Ghana. You can buy gifts online and get them delivered to the recipients right here in Ghana.

So, the big question is: how and where?

If this is the query which brought you to this article, then you have the right destination right here. Because, in this article, we shall look at online gift shops in Ghana.

Lotus Gallery prides itself as Ghana’s premier Online Giftshop. It is a one-stop-shop for all gifts ranging from hampers to perfumes and fragrances and all the way down to gift bags and gift cards.

They have a wonderful website layout which is very simple and easy to browse for both experienced and newbie internet users.

They have a wide range of gift categories. Some of them are Bed and Bath, Bookshelf, Confections, couples, Drinks, for couples, for him, for her and kids among many others.

Depending on your preference and the occasion, they have just the right list of gifts for you.

They accept Visa card, Mastercard, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash and Airteltigo payment methods.

The Shop Accra

Gifts are best appreciated if they suit the recipient’s taste and they match the exact occasion for which they are being shared.

The Shop Accra provides you with a comprehensive list of gifts you can share with your favourite persons in and outside Accra.

Worry not about the name ‘Accra’ in the shop’s name. They still do deliveries everywhere you want them to.

From books to skincare products and clothing, and to the tiniest things as bags, The Shop Accra gives you a tall list of gifts to surprises your loved ones with.

Interestingly, this gift shop deals mostly in African and Ghanaian goods. This means that you get to add that Afrocentric vibe to your gifts.

Interesing, right?

It’s even more fun to know that they have a live support feed on their website where you get to chat with their customer care representatives to give you ideas on which gifts to buy for your special person.

If you’re one of us who find it difficult knowing the right gift to buy for someone, then this feature will definitely work well for you.

The Accra Shop also accepts all major Ghanaian payment methods including MTN Mobile money, Airteltigo Cash, Vodafone Cash, Visa card and Master card.


Coming in third place on this list of online gift shops in Ghana is Zished. Zished offers a very simple yet detailed user interface which makes browsing through very easy and interesting.

You can choose from cakes and treats, flowers and gift baskets. For as low as USD 19, you can get something befitting to send to your special person.

As you might have noticed already, prices on this site are listed in Dollars. This might be a tough one for you if you are not used to the exchange rates.

However, for those living in European and American countries, they might find this site very convenient and easy to use.

Zished accepts Paypal, Visa card and Master card as its payment methods.

One thing you will definitely one to buy on this site for your loved ones is their bakery products. They have lovely doughnuts, cookies, cakes and pies.

Wishes Gh

Wishes Gh is not just a gift shop. It is a wholistic gift management shop in Ghana. It has a gift registry department and a gifts shop.

With the Gifts registry feature, you can create an invoice of gifts with the event name, your name and date. You can then share the link to your guests or those you want to partake in the event so they can purchase gifts on the site for you.

This site is not your usual gifts shop where you see lots of flowers, food and fruits.

This site is filled with rather valuable and expensive artefacts, furniture, frames, dinnerware, home appliances and electronics.

Surprise that special someone with some of the amazing products listed on this site at very affordable prices and get them delivered to them at home or in their office.

Whatever your preferred payment method is, Wishesgh has it covered. You can pay with PayPal, Visa card, Master card, MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash, and Airteltigo cash.


Special occasions don’t have to become dull because you are too far away to send gifts. You can practically send gifts to anyone in Ghana right from any part of the world.

And you can do this without having to contact anyone or trusting any individual with your money or gifts. You can simply order gifts from the online gift stores listed in this article.

The list discussed above contains some of the most reliable and affordable gift-shops in Ghana.

We hope you are able to send gifts to loved ones using these sites.

If you have any questions, recommendations, comments or general feedback regarding this article or the sites listed in the article, you can let us know in the comment box below or get in touch with us.

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