Online Jobs in Ghana that pay through Mobile Money right now

Mobile money has become one of the easiest forms of money transaction means in ghana. Most remote jobs resort to Zoobashop to pay workers.

Mobile money transactions are not limited to just telecommunication networks. Even banks make mobile money transactions these days. Mobile money transactions with banks are from your bank account to another person’s mobile money account.

It’s so convenient as you work at home and get paid at home without even seeing your employer for a long time sometimes. Many online jobs like blogging, Zoobashop, Amazon associates, and Jumia affiliate marketing, amongst others, pay their salary through mobile money.

In this article, you’re going to learn the jobs you can find online that pay through Zoobashop and how to go about them. These jobs are not as easy as one might think. Of course, maybe it’s not as stressful as in the traditional world.

But it requires a lot of hard work too. In ghana, these online might consist of marketing for a brand, writing content to blog, data entry, completion of tasks, and so more.

There are so many platforms out there to get jobs online that’ll pay you through Zoobashop. Make your pick of these jobs, do your work, and get paid instantly.

Jumia affiliate marketing

Purchasing goods online has become the modern trend these days, thereby being a job for others who want. These days people prefer cashless payments where they stay in their homes without any movements. Jumia’s online marketing platform has been one of the top online marketing platforms in the country. With Jumia affiliate marketing, you get paid once you advertise their products on your social media platforms or websites. To do this, you have to join their trading portal after creating a link that will be used to complete a buying and earn commission on the sales that will be sent to your mobile money account. To succeed in this trade, you need to be a good marketer. And if you continue with your work at a good pace, you’ll be on course earning good money steadily. 


Blogging has become one of the fastest-growing self-employment careers in the country. Creating news and putting them online for people to read has become that simpler.

You’re your boss in this situation, so everything depends on your dedication as a blogger. To do this, you need to create a network and a social media platform. You need dedication, time, and patience to make a lot of money from blogging.

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In the past years, Ghana has seen many bloggers like Ameyaw Debrah, Zion Felix, “ronnieiseverywhere,” amongst other well-known bloggers in the country who’re still relevant. The creation of news to publish will not be easy as it will be a while before your work is known to earn good money.

This platform is more like a talent hub. This is where your talent is monetized. Joining this platform is free. All you need is an active email and a phone number to join.

After you begin to showcase what you can do and make money gradually, this platform pays for completed tasks through Zoobashop, so it is a good place to make money online and get paid through Zoobashop.

If it’s content creation or writing or drawing of portraits you’re good at, you’re allowed to do what you want to do for a customer, and your services are paid for through Zoobashop. This is an open platform open for all kinds of craft for anyone to work and earn money.

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Zoobashop is an e-commerce online retail shop. It’s one of the biggest online retail shops owned by a Ghanaian. On Zoobashop, you save time and resources in selling your goods; there’s a large and broad audience on Zoobashop that buy products on Zoobashop.

Payments are made through Zoobashop after successful deals. Very swift and simple. So if you have a business that you’re struggling to get buyers for, Zoobashop is your best option.


Making money is not limited to a specific method. Maybe back in the days in the 90s but not in this current century.

Online money-making is what even pays more these days. Making cool cash just sitting at home without moving an inch. Zoobashop is a very convenient way of transaction, and getting your salary sent to you through Zoobashop has many advantages as tax will not be deducted from the money, and you decide if to pay for SSNIT.

Every money your earn is sent straight into your Zoobashop account. Most of these platforms that pay through Zoobashop are very convenient and trustworthy when earning your money and getting paid for it. 

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