Online Lending Companies In Ghana that give Loans to Individuals

Loans have become an indispensable part of our daily lives as students, salary workers, business owners and individuals in general.

In one way or the other, it becomes necessary for you to take some loan to take care of some things.

Presently, there are many companies in Ghana that offer money lending services.

However, the need to personalize everything especially using the internet has shifted focus from traditional lending companies to online lending companies.

With the online lending companies, your privacy is assured as you do not have to join any long queues or walk into any brick and mortar building to get your loan. You can do everything virtually on your phone and from the comfort of your home too!

In this article, we shall look at some leading online lending companies that work in Ghana, where you can apply for loans.

Fido Loans

Fido Loans is a Ghanaian money lending company mainly focussed on giving short term loans to individuals.

Fido loans is licensed to give loans to Ghanaian locals who are in need of their service.

The company has an app through which individuals can apply for loans. The app also assesses an individual’s loan application and selects those who qualify for the various loan types.

For starters, first-timers can only receive up to 200 cedis as a loan from Fido. But as they continue to pay their loans with interest, they may become eligible to receive up-to 600 cedis.

You can locate their office at 48 Blohum Road, Accra.

Give them a call via 0302208060.

Carbon (Formerly Paylater Ghana)

Paylater or Carbon is another Ghanaian lending platform which operates online and is for all calibre of people.

The company believes in giving out financial assistance to deserving individuals without the need for collateral or any physical contacts.

All payments and application are done solely via Paylater’s mobile application which is currently available on Google Playstore.

With Paylater, you can borrow money from 5 cedis and above depending on how you have been able to pay the previous loan you took and the availability of funds at the time.

Also, there are no late payment fees with Pay later or Carbon. It’s just your loan amount plus interest.

You can download the paylater app via this link:

You may call their customer care line via 0202228080 or 0501282043.

For those who want to have physical interactions with them, you can visit their office at House Number 601 Newtown Road, Kokomlemle, Accra – Ghana.

Express Loan

Express loans Service is one of the widely used loan services in Ghana for its convenience.

The Express loans lending service operates on MTN Ghana’s mobile money platform and so it makes it easy for Mobile Money account holders to borrow money once they qualify.

This company gives individuals short-term loans with a fixed duration of 30 days and an interest rate of 12%.

Users can take loans up to 1,000 cedis at a time from this company and payback in 30 days.

To access the Express Loan facilities, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *170# on your MTN Mobile Money Simcard
  2. Select option 5 for Financial Services
  3. Select Option 3 for loans
  4. Select Option 2 for ExpressLoan

MTN Qwikloans

Similar to Expressloan Service, the MTN Qwikloans is an online loan facility made possible by a collaboration between AFB Bank and MTN Ghana.

With the MTN Qwikloan service, individuals can get loans up to 1,000 cedis at once and repay the amount within one month at an interest rate of 12%.

Individuals who wish to access the Qwikloan service must readily have MTN Mobile Money active on their sim card.

Follow the steps below to access Qwikloans:

  1. Dial *170# on your Mobile Phone using your MTN Mobile money sim card.
  2. Select Option 5 for Financial Services.
  3. Select Option 3 for loans.
  4. Selection Option 1 for Qwikloan

You can locate AFB Bank, the mother institution responsible for the Qwikloan service at 4th Floor, Cocoshe House, off, 1328. A Agostinho Neto Road, Accra.

You can give them a call via: 0302208343 or call 100 on your MTN Sim card.


Everyone gets in a situation where they need to access some loans to pay for some emergencies. If you don’t need any huge amounts of money exceeding 1,000 cedis and you need it urgently, then the companies discussed in this article should be able to help you get the loan you desire.

If you know of any other online lending companies in Ghana which we should look at, kindly list them in the comment box below.

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