Online Platforms Where Musicians Can Upload Their Songs For Free Download

Music has become one of the most vibrant ventures in the entertainment industry with thousands of artistes getting into the industry every year.

As vibrant and lucrative as the music business may be, the commercial success of an artiste’s works depends largely on the number of people who know their songs and how good the song is.

For most artists, making money is the first thing on their minds whenever they go to the studio to produce a song. While this mentality may be okay because music is a business, it has its own limitations too.

This is especially true in the case of new or upcoming artistes who are not widely known. For such people, the ticket to their success is a wider audience and consistency.

In order to get a wider audience as a new person in the widely-choked music industry, you should be able to give out your songs for free so people get to feel and connect with your music more before you start monetizing future ones.

In this article, I shall discuss some online platforms where musicians can upload their songs for free downloads.


First on this list is Audiomack. For those who have already released one or two songs in the past, this is a name they might have heard from friends or people who care about their craft.

Audiomack is a platform created for streaming and downloading new music for free.

In order to benefit from this platform as an artiste, you need to create an artiste page or profile and then you move on to upload the songs you wish to put out for free.


The world’s leading video streaming platform and search engine for everything video, Youtube is one of the oldest and still powerful streaming services available.

Though Youtube is primarily for uploading and streaming videos, you can still upload your songs (audio) in the form of audio slides which can then be downloaded by your fans for free.

However, in the case of Youtube, the fans need to use external software and web apps to download such songs and videos since there’s no direct button on Youtube.


Just as the name suggests, Soundcloud is an online catalogue of songs, spoken words, beats and everything that has to do with sound.

Also one of the longest-serving music streaming and download sites available on the internet today, Soundcloud provides musicians with the platform to upload their songs for free and allow their fans to also stream and download free of charge.

Though there are premium versions of Soundcloud which enable artistes to make money from their music, the free version is largely used and is highly recommended for artistes seeking to reach a wide range of audience.

Noise Trader

Noise Trader is definitely a deserving addition to this list of websites and platforms for free music upload and download. Frankly, there is no better way to grow your music business than knowing where your fans are and getting to keep their contact details for promo purposes.

If there’s anything more Noise Trader offers you than the other applications discussed above, it is the fact that before anyone listens to your song on the platform, they need to enter their email address and their location. And this information is shared with you.

Meaning, you know the number of people listening to your songs, their contacts and their location as well.

Also, you have an option to activate the tips button. Where people can leave some few dollars for you after listening to your free song. If they feel and connect with the song, you are likely to make some cool cash from tips.

Personal Blog Or Other Blogs

Aside from the websites and platforms listed above, there are thousands if not millions of entertainment blogs today which are into upload and promotion of music content online.

With such blogs, you can submit your song, cover art and details to the managers and they’ll put your song up on their platform for free download or streaming.

If you own your personal website or blog, then it is easier for you since you’ll be in charge of administering and monitoring the release. You can see the number of views, clicks and downloads from your dashboard.


Music is the food of the soul. In our daily lives, we use music at one point or the other. It could be for partying, for relaxation, for healing, for motivation, inspiration or any other purpose.

With the thirst for music rising exponentially over the days, many new musicians are finding their ways into the industry.

As such, there is a need for musicians to try hard to penetrate through the competition in order to stand out. One sure way to do that is by giving out their songs for free downloads.

In this article, I spoke about online platforms which enable musicians to upload their songs for free downloads.

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