Online Real Estate Companies in Ghana

The pain of losing money all in the name of buying a new land only to find out you have been scammed is one of the saddest things ever to happen to a human being.

There has been a lot of issues on people getting scammed when they wanted to buy a new house or new land.

But there are a lot of real estate brokers who works as consultants to people who want to find the best locations to build real estates.

Maybe you are looking for a real estate in Ghana but finding it difficult to know the best ones, then worry no more as in this article I am going to enlighten you on the popular companies that are into real estate.

Appolonia City

If you have been using Twitter daily, you might once a time come across this real estate company trending.

They are one of the growing real estates in Ghana, the company plans to have over 25,000 housing units which will be a home for over 100,000 people.

Adom City Estate Limited

This is a real estate company that has won an award and the award was the estate developer of the year, they didn’t just become popular.

They started as a small business and through hard work and satisfying customers, they have grown in the industry and has become a major player in the estate development sector when it comes to Ghana.

Emefs Construction Limited

Emefs is considered as one of the first-class constructions company in Ghana, it is is one of the most preferred constructions limited in Ghana here.

Denya Properties

The company was established in 2014 and since then has been serving Ghanaians with affordable buildings. They have a ten storey building which is called ‘The Denya’ consisting of 49 apartments. The company also serve all forms of clients.

Golden Coast Developers

The company was established in the year 2010, they are not just developers but are rated as premium developers who specialises in luxurious housing units. They are the first company to build a fully smart home in Ghana for people to rent or buy.

The Green

This is a new company but they have shown commitment, class and quality in their buildings, the company also focus on security.

ToBlues Properties Limited

And we can not end real estate companies without leaving ToBlues, they are the leaders when it comes to construction and management.

They offer their clients the best construction properties and they always deliver neat projects.


The pain of getting scammed all in the name of looking for a house to buy or rent is one thing I wish nobody go through.

There has been a lot of people who have been taking advantage of this and scamming people.

There are a lot of real estate companies that you can visit them, make negotiation and rent or buy a house without encountering any problems.

In this article, we decided to go through some real estate agencies and why you should make business with them.

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