5 Online Shopping Sites you can use in Ghana

Gone were the days we will have to go to the central market to buy the things we need, you might be busy but still needs some goods and there is absolutely no one to send.

It is either you skip what you are doing and go outside and buy or send someone to get it for you, sometimes at a fee.

With the help of the internet, things have changed, now you can buy anything you want online from these online shopping websites and get it delivered to you at your doorstep.

I must say online shopping in Ghana has been of help, ever since I started buying things online, you get to order all the things you need and get it delivered to you.

Online shopping is indeed helping us and making us save time but one needs to be careful because there are a lot of fake websites that claim to be online shopping sites but are not, some will also not bring you the same item you ordered.

Here are 5 online shopping websites you can use in Ghana to buy things online:

  1. MelcomOnline.com
  2. Alibaba.com
  3. Kikuu.com.gh
  4. Jumia.com.gh
  5. eShopAfrica.com

Now let’s break them down for you so you understand more.


Melcom is one of the best shopping malls in Ghana, Melcom has made it easy for those who might not be able to get time to visit their various branches due to some reasons, they have a website that you can visit to shop online and get it delivered to you at the comfort of your home.

You can order for mobiles and computers, various electronics & appliances, home &funiture, clothing & fashion online.

The good news is that they provide free delivery for all shoppings that is 50 Cedis and above.


Alibaba is one of the popular e-commerce websites in the world and right now they have a branch here in Ghana, one reason I love Alibaba is that they protect the buyer.

what do I mean by they protect the buyer?

Anytime you make a payment on Alibaba, payment is not released to the seller unless you receive the item you ordered and then confirm before the seller can get the money.

If the item sent to you is not what you ordered for, you can notify the website and you will get a refund.


kikuu is one of the most popular shopping websites in Africa, most of their products are cheaper and after making payments, your items will take 10 business days to be delivered to you.

You can order for shoes and clothes, electronics, home appliances, automobiles, accessories and many more.


Jumia was established in Lagos in 2012 and is currently working on 14 African countries and still counting. On their website, you can order for phones & tablets, compers, electronics and many more.

They also have jumia Global which is focused on travelling and bookings of hotels, they also have jumia food, which allows you to order food online and it will be brought to you at home.


eShopAfrica is one of the best sites to get traditional products, the site started working since 2001 and they are based in Accra.


Shopping in Ghana has become more online friendly with the introduction of varying forms of payments.

Ghanaians especially love payment on delivery and although only a few online shopping sites offer this, the ones that don’t have proven to deliver on time.

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