Online Sites To Buy Phone Accessories In Ghana

We all use phones, I don’t know what you are using to read this article now, but I know 98% of those who will be reading this article will be reading using phones.

Anytime we get ourselves a new phone, we always try to make it look new like we’ve just bought it.

And since we are always dealing with glasses when it comes to phone, there is no way you will want to buy a new phone without buying yourself a screen protector.

The screen protector is a saviour for many of us who mostly find our phones hitting the ground. With the help of this screen protector even when your phone hits the floor, it is not going to affect your main phone screen as the screen protector will sacrifice for your main phone screen (in this case we can call it screen saver instead of screen protector).

How about those whose works are mostly of paints and materials that when stuck with an object it becomes permanent to remove?

Like me, who is a designer, and a painter, with my work I am always holding paint or stickers, if you are using a phone to work, there is no way the paint won’t dirty around your phone. This makes even a new phone tend to become old.

Not forgetting our ladies, who are always changing their phone covers, I know a lady who has many phone covers, any day she changes her phone cover to match with the colour of her dress.

In all everybody needs phone accessories. I even forgot to add my music lovers who are always fond of listening to music with their earpiece.

Maybe you might you want to buy these phone accessories in bulk so that you can also sell or you need them so that you can start using them yourself.

Then why don’t we dive in and then talk about online sites that you can order phone accessories and then get it delivered to you at a cheap price as compared to going outside to buy? Are you ready?

Online Sites That You Can Buy Phone Accessories In Ghana

Yes, Jumia is one popular eCommerce website in Ghana, it provides various goods and accessories, with Jumia you can order for phones accessories in bulk at a cheaper price and then it will be delivered to you. One advantage on shopping on Jumia is that, with Jumia, quality is assured, not like these shops that you will go and buy an earpiece and then by 2 weeks you will find it not working.

There was a time I needed a wireless headset, I decided to go to town and buy one, on second thought I decided to order one on Jumia, it has been three years now, the headset is still working with no faults.

Tonaton is one website known to be a place to make money, you can buy and sell anything you want on their website, with Tonaton you can buy any phone accessories, the reason why I added Tonaton is that with Tonaton you can negotiate with the seller, maybe you want to buy new phone cases, you will see many phone cases, you just search for that item and then go through the results and then select the one that you want to negotiate with.

One thing I will advise you when buying accessories from Tonaton is that buy from the ones with higher ratings and also anytime you are meeting the seller, don’t meet him or her at night and also make sure you both meet at public places.
(I am not the first person to tell you this, even when you are about to make negotiations, Tonaton themselves will prompt you and even tell you to report the person if you suspect something bad going on).

Franko trading is known for selling and delivery phones, on their website you can buy any phone, pay with your mobile money and then get it delivered to you.

Franko also sells its accessories, with Franko phones accessories, the prices are cheaper as compared to other sites. You can visit their website, go through the type of accessories you want and then pay for them and then provide your location details, now wait and see Franko trading delivering your accessories to you.


The pain of going to the market to buy phone accessories only to come and use it for a few days for it to get damage is one of the painful things ever to happen to you, especially when the amount you used to buy was your last savings. In this article, we went through the legit online sites that you can use to order for phone accessories online and get it delivered to you.

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