Online Tools To Help You Write The Perfect CV/Resume

A CV/resume is needed anytime you want to apply for a job, it is what speaks about your personal life, your work history and your qualification.

Having a perfect CV/resume increases your chance of been employed as the company gets to know about your previous work history.

Writing a perfect resume/CV doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to the extent that some people have to pay before someone will write a CV for him or her to apply for a job.

What Is The Difference Between CV and Resume?

In a brief explanation, CV is a broad document which talks about your achievements in life, awards, positions in universities and high schools, honours and many more whiles resume talks about working experience, history and a brief overview of your skills and education.

When Do You Need CV And When Do You Need A Resume?

It all depends on the work you are going to apply for, some companies ask for your CV while others ask for your resume depending on the position you are applying for.

If you are that kind of person who always finds it difficult to write a perfect CV/resume, then in this article I am going to enlighten you on the perfect tools that will help you write a perfect CV/resume for yourself.

My perfect resume is a free online tool used to write a perfect resume, it makes writing resume much more flexible as you get to choose from pre maid beautifully designed templates without having to start everything afresh.

Aside all these, this tool also has a resume builder which helps you pick which skill and experience to focus on by providing you with pre-written examples. After you are done then you can download for free, print and then send it.

Visual cv makes you create a CV/resume within minutes, the website boast of 3 million users using their service.

With this tool, you can create multiple CV/resumes, get review feedback from the website and you are able to also share to your friends for feedback.

Your cv is not shared with anybody by the website so your data is safe with them and when you are done creating, you can then download it.

One thing I love about resumup is that you just don’t create a resume but a resume with infographics, making your resume more lively and attractive.

You can import your data from LinkedIn and Facebook and resumup will do the magic for you by creating a perfect resume using the details that will be obtained.

After you are done and satisfied with the outcome, you can then download it in a pdf or png form and then share it.

They have a basic version which is free but if you want a paid version which gives you access to broad infographics and more options to choose from, then you can pay $4 for a month.

Resume genius makes you create a perfect resume in 15 minutes, all that it does is this builder asks you simple questions for you to answer, some questions include your education, skills and then it will create a perfect resume for you.

it also has a feature called “Add Pre – Written Points” which you can choose to make your resume stand out.


There are tons of resume builders on the internet, but some of them stand out as it makes it flexible for you to create a resume within minutes.

In this article, I compiled the best tools for writing a perfect CV/resume, don’t forget to let me know your favourite one and if you have one you have been using that I didn’t mention, then kindly tell me in the comment section below.

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