How to Open A StanChart Bank Account On Phone & Get A Free Debit Card Delivered To You

After reading the article on ‘Mobile Money Is Not Enough: Why you Need a Bank Account’, the next question you might be asking yourself is: How will you open a bank account? Well, your question has been well thought off and in this article, we are going to show you how you can open a StanChart bank account from your home and get a free debit card delivered to you.

In this coronavirus pandemic era, the need to move most of your day to day resources and activities online has become common and important. Workers are now working from home, students and teachers have all migrated online.

As a result, if your bank does not offer online services, you are indeed missing out and at a disadvantaged position. That is why we researched on the various banks in Ghana and have come up with a suggestion that can help you open a new StanChart bank account and get a free debit card delivered to you without moving out of your house.

The reason why we selected this particular bank is the fact that it offers 24/7 access to your bank account and also saves you the stress and fear of moving out of your house to go to the bank especially, in this pandemic though there are similar banks.

What Are The Requirements For Opening An Account?

To open an account, there are some requirements you need and they are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Valid National ID (National ID, Driver’s License, Social Security + Birth Certificate, Voter ID + Birth Certificate)
  • Utility bill (not less than 3 months old)

What Are The Types of Bank Accounts That Are Available At Standard Chartered?

First of all, before you proceed to open your bank account, there are three (3) main types of bank accounts that Standard Chartered offer and you need to select the type that fits you best. The available types are:

Current Account

This type of bank account is ideal for people who need a bank account for their salary and their day-to-day transactions. With this type of bank account, you are at liberty to apply for a loan and other credit offers and also comes with a cheque book.

One of the benefits of this type of account is the freedom to make the number of transactions you want without any restrictions. But, the only disadvantage is that fact that there’s no interest earned on your money when you open a Current Account.

In terms of fees, you are charged a fixed monthly fee and the initial account opening balance is GH¢100 and there should be a minimum balance of GH¢100 at all times.

Savings Account

Unlike the current account, the savings account is an interest-bearing account with a restriction on the number of transactions that can be made monthly. There are no monthly fees under this type of account and there are daily, weekly and monthly eStatement that will be sent to your email based on your preference.

Just like the current account, the minimum initial account opening balance is GH¢100 and comes with a cheque book.

Fixed Deposits

If you are a person interested in investment, then this is the perfect type of account for you. With this account, you maximize every pesewa you earn and grow your savings. It also has attractive interest rates that are calculated daily and credited monthly.

You can also borrow up to 90% of your fixed deposit at normal interest rates. There’s also eStatement available monthly and the minimum account opening deposit is GH¢1,000.

NOTE: Under each type of account, there are different categories available for you to choose from.

How to Open A StanChart Bank Account On Phone & A Free Debit Card Delivered To You

Now that you know the requirements and the available types of account, let’s now get into the main reason for this article. The steps to open the account are as follows:

  1. Download the SC Mobile app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore
  2. Select “Open Account”
  3. Input your contact details
  4. Upload the required documents
  5. Take a selfie photo and upload a clear photo of your valid National ID and signature
  6. Review/provide your ID details
  7. Review your inputted details and accept the terms and conditions
  8. Submit the request and wait for your account to be created.

NOTE: The processing of the application usually takes two working days but can exceed that in certain situations. Also, for the name on the debit card, you will be asked to choose the name that you want but our advice is to use your real name.

The number of accounts you open is not restricted to only one, but you need to open one first and later open the other.

Once your account has been successfully created, a message will be sent to you via SMS and an agent from Standard Chartered will contact you to deliver your debit card to you based on the location you used in creating the account.


In case you are not able to complete the process, you can always save your progress and continue whenever you’re ready. Also, if you are a salaried worker who receives a monthly income of not less than GH¢1,000, you qualify for a credit card in addition to the debit card.

The entire process of opening your account is a little bit complicated but after reading through this article carefully, there shouldn’t be any confusion.

 Finally, make sure to keep your account details personal and keep your debit card in a safe place; and avoid making online purchases from untrusted vendors.

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