How To Open a UBA Bank Account on Your Phone

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic took the whole world by surprise. Most people had already laid out their plans for the year but just a few months into the year, all those plans got thrown into the trash. 

In all this, one thing that most of us learned is the need for a mobile banking partner or service. Currently, in Ghana, there are over 10 banks that offer mobile banking services and one of the trusted banks that most people rely on is the United Bank for Africa (popularly known by many as UBA). 

But unlike the rest, not all the banks in Ghana allow their prospective customers to create a bank account on their phones from the comfort of their homes. UBA on the other hand, allows users to open a bank account on their phones for free; and in this article, I am going to show you how to open a UBA bank account on your phone.

Types of Accounts Available at UBA

Before we get into the main reason for this article, you must know the various types of accounts that are available for UBA’s prospective customers. This way, you rest assured that you have chosen the right type of account for the right job.

There are mainly five (5) types of accounts available at UBA. These are professional, student, self-employed, diaspora, mass retail, and business. All these five accounts are mainly classified under two main categories i.e. savings and business accounts. You can visit the UBA website to read about each type of account and its details.

How To Open a UBA Account on Your Phone

Opening a UBA account on your phone is straightforward. Also, there are several ways you can go about it but in this article, I am going to show the two (2) main ways you can go about it. You can do so by using the web, Messenger/WhatsApp.

How To Open a UBA Account on Your Phone Using the Web 

  1. Open a web browser on your phone and visit
  2. Click on OPEN ACCOUNT or OPEN A CURRENT ACCOUNT under the type of account you want to create (Savings Account or Business Account respectively) 
  3. On the welcome page, choose your country of residence and click Submit afterward
  4. Enter your name, gender, phone number, date of birth, email address, address, in the spaces provided
  5. Under Select a branch, choose a UBA branch that is closer to where you stay
  6. Upload your passport-sized photo, signature, and proof of residence in the spaces provided
  7. Afterward, tap on I agree to the terms and conditions and then Submit
  8. Upon successful completion, a congratulations message will be shown on the next page with your account name and account number

How To Open a UBA Account on Your Phone Using Messenger or WhatsApp

  1. Send Hi to Leo on WhatsApp (+233577822822) or Messenger (search for UBA ChatBanking)
  2. Select option B (Account Opening)
  3. Enter your first name and last name after the question What is your first name? and What is your last name? respectively
  4. After the next question, enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  5. Next, select your gender using A (Female) or B (Male)
  6. After the next question, enter your physical address (to receive communication materials from UBA)
  7. Enter your email address or type skip if you don’t have any
  8. The next step is to upload your passport photograph
  9. Choose the letter next to the type of account you want to open
  10. Enter the City or street name close to the nearest UBA branch
  11. Type the letter next to the UBA branch nearest to you
  12. Finally, download and read the terms and conditions for Account opening. If you agree with the terms, type Yes or No otherwise
  13. A congratulations message will be sent to you with your account number and the next steps.


Creating a bank account on your mobile phone has never been this easy. In just a few minutes, you can get a UBA account with your account details right on your phone without having to visit any UBA branch to join any queue. In this COVID-19 period, you and I can both agree that this is a good way to create a bank account.

Even though most people are afraid of creating a bank account in Ghana due to the collapse of several banks some few years back, UBA was one of the banks which were able to meet the minimum capital requirement and as such, it is one of the trusted banks to do business with.

Since it is an African (international) bank, UBA customers can use their accounts in almost every African country whenever they travel outside their country of residence. Therefore, if you are interested in transacting with UBA, then follow the steps outlined in this article to create your UBA account on your mobile phone for free. 

How can I open a UBA account using USSD?

To use the UBA USSD code for your account opening, dial *822# and follow the screen prompts.

What can you do with the UBA transfer code?

If you have a UBA account, you can use the shortcode *822# to buy airtime, or transfer money to a UBA account, your UBA Prepaid, or other bank accounts.

How can I upgrade my UBA mobile account?

You can visit any of the UBA branches spread throughout the country with your National ID to upgrade your mobile account to your preferred choice.

Is the UBA Prepaid card for UBA customers only?

No. You can visit any UBA account with your National ID and proof of residence and you will be issued a UBA prepaid card in less than two (2) hours.

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