Meet Oyaclean, The startup that helps people find reliable artisans for their homes and offices

We’ve all faced this problem before: You come into a new building and there is a lot to fix. You then call friends and family who suggests names of technicians they use and after repeatedly calling, you resort to the street poles, uncompleted buildings and fences to fill your technical needs. After 2 weeks to a month, the work is finally complete, while plenty of money and time has been wasted and of course, you are stressed out even more.

What is notable in this process are these:

  • The process is very complex.
  • Tasks completed aren’t very transparent
  • The technicians are unreliable and clients have no proper way of vetting
  • The process is timeconsuming and regularly manual.

This issue resulted in the birth of Oyaclean, where we provide a platform for residents and offices to request for well trained and highly skilled artisans with just a few clicks or a simple phone call.

Our professionals are trained in Cleaning, Plumbing, Electricals, Air condition repair, Inverter repair, Generator servicing, Water Tank filling, Home/office helps, at any location in Accra.

Our goal is not to just offer our homeowners or offices with the best maintenance professionals & most transparent service around but also to empower these professionals by providing them with a larger client to service and increased revenue.

This practice will encourage the level of competency among artisans on our platform to ensure they are continuously refining their skills to maintain a good standing on our platform, therefore earning them more projects via Oyaclean and improving the maintenance practices of artisans in general, starting with Accra Ghana.

As a customer, here is what we promise you at Oyaclean;

Fast response time

Depending on your maintenance requests, we always respond to you within 10 minutes and then agree on a date and time to send in a technician for a quote.


If you are not satisfied with the work of any of our trusted technicians, we would send another person to redo the work.


Even if we cannot address your request, we want you to still trust us to find someone in our network who will at no extra cost.


Our prices are always very competitive and we match affordability with premium service, That is our secret sauce.

OyaClean brings technology and professionals together in a totally unique way. We use our proprietary Joluud software to make sure we optimize our service, keep our professionals accountable and improve upon our service delivery.

We are made up of three young men who are passionate about technology and facility management. We are Luqman Musah (CEO), David Obi (CMO) and Hassan Abudu (CTO). We are passionate about what we do at OyaClean and we promise to give you the best service you have ever seen.

Here is where you can help us. If you need any artisan, for any maintenance work please contact us, or if you know any expert technician, please refer them to us. We train our technicians in customer service and professionalism to ensure the Oya-standard is met.

Why wait, Book a service right now or refer a friend.

Our website is or please call: 0248574571

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