Parental Control using a simple phone tracker

Why we need parental control in the modern world

Parental control refers to the monitoring of a child’s activities on technological devices like phones, laptops and computers. It also includes limiting the content they view on other media devices like television and radio. Parental control is important for several reasons.

First, it allows parents to limit the content that children consume on the internet, especially because these items are readily available indiscriminately. It also prevents children from being duped into making online payments for false or shady deals. Otherwise, this would cost the family money.

Third, parents who observe their children’s activities are able to detect when the child is experiencing stress or even trouble in school based on their online activities or internet searches. Lastly, it allows parents to filter out content with viruses and such that would otherwise affect the family devices.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is an application that allows parents to monitor the content on their children’s devices. It uses phone trackers alongside Global Positioning Satellite data and Wi-Fi to observe any data being sent and received by the user of the phone. This way, a parent can control what the child consumes and detect any problems or use of prohibited sites.

What one can parent control using Hoverwatch

With this application, parents can monitor data on these apps:

  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Telegram

In addition, parents will be able to see incoming SMS, MMS, and the replies to these messages. For MMS, this includes viewing the images sent back and forth from the device being monitored. It is a very effective monitoring app.

For incoming and outgoing calls, parents can view caller identification, and listen to recordings of the conversations. Hoverwatch also allows access to internet activity, as well as any notes or events added to the calendar. Lastly, one can also see the entire contact list.

How to install the parental control app

Anyone interested in getting this application will start with a visit to the Hoverwatch website. The first step is to sign up on the website, which is free. The signup process requires one’s email address as well as a password which will be used in logging into the Hoverwatch account.

For security purposes, it is always wise to use a password of considerable length, preferably between 8 to 16 characters. The password should not contain one’s username because this way, it will be easier to crack. Next, the password should have a mixture of characters to include symbols, numbers, and letters in different cases.

After signing up on the website, the user then gets to download the application from the account into their preferred device of choice. Once the app is downloaded, the next step is to agree to the terms and conditions of use then install it on the mobile device. The app needs to be paid for in advance before one can begin using it.

Some extra parental control features

Aside from monitoring what the child is sending, receiving, and searching, Hoverwatch comes with additional features to increase how much content a user can view. First, the app does not appear on the start menu. This way, it cannot be accessed by other people. Also, Hoverwatch collects data on other phones very discreetly without being detected whatsoever. Otherwise, it would beat its whole purpose.

Hoverwatch also gives the user access to all keylogs used on laptops and similar devices. It records keystrokes for the user to know what is being typed onto the computer.

Another additional feature is that the application gives a person access to the webcam of both Windows and Mac computers. This way, a person can see whoever is using that computer at the time. The app also records these images for later viewing. In addition to parental control, this can be used by users who want to keep their devices safe from use by other people.

Lastly, Hoverwatch also gives access to all internet activity. This includes search history, the clipboard, visited addresses, as well as cookies and saved pages.

How to use Hoverwatch

After installing the app, one can then click on open, and begin to access other devices. The app will always require login credentials every time it is opened. This keeps all the monitored data safe and prevents other people from viewing this content. This way, one can also monitor without being detected.

Next, one can look at the settings to see all the data they can access depending on what they paid for. It is also here where the user gets to add all the devices being monitored so that the app can collect data from them. After that, the user can visit the home page where data is stored according to the device, then in sub-categories like:

  • Visited Websites
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Camera shots
  • Unlock selfies
  • Screenshots

The user then clicks on their category of choice. In settings, the app can be adjusted in terms of what it records, according to a person’s preferences.

Hoverwatch pricing policy

Paying for the application can be done at once every month, or using packages depending on what one chooses. The monthly payment is good for non-committal use and allows a person to stop using the app whenever they want. This is the best option for users who want temporary device access as opposed to continuous monitoring.

On the other hand, there are packages available for those who want to invest in long-term use. These packages also cater to multiple devices and are best for parents looking into more than one device. The packages are priced as follows:

  1. $ 3.33 per device per month – best for temporary use on more than one gadget.
  2. $ 49.95 per month – up to 5 devices
  3. $ 99.95 for three months – up to 5 devices
  4. $ 199.95 for twelve months – up to 5 devices
  5. $ 8.33 per month for one device (personal use)
  6. $ 24.95 for 1 month (personal use)
  7. $ 59.95 for three months (personal use)
  8. $ 99.95 for 12 months (personal use)


This Hoverwatch phone tracker makes content monitoring easy and straightforward, and also allows access to a lot of content that would normally be hard to get to. It allows parental control to be undetectable, but very effective.

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