9 Proven Ways to Make Your Android or iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Battery life has always been a problem for electronic devices, from the days of the Walkman, MP3 and now Smartphones.

It is no surprise that nowadays, a lot of people look at the battery capacity of phones before making a purchasing decision. Battery life is limited, and however you look at it, you still need ways to save your battery.

Here are a handful of tips and tricks you can use for your Apple or Android device that will make your phone battery last longer.

How to Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

Check battery usage

In your settings, you can see a breakdown of what apps are using your battery the most. Often, it’s only one or two apps that are taking up most of your battery, and everything else consumes just a small percentage.

Some apps that you use every day are actually killing your battery faster than you know. The big one is Facebook. This app actually uses a surprising amount of energy merely by refreshing in the background.

Turn down brightness

Chances are your brightness is much higher than it needs to be. Try turning it way down until it’s at a dim setting that is still usable. When checking my own battery use, “Screen” is right there at the top of the list.

Turn off Location Services

Make sure you turn off your Location setting whenever you aren’t using it. Some apps to be aware of that use Location are Maps (of course), Pokemon Go (for such a fun game, it mercilessly kills your battery), Uber, and anything else that requires GPS navigation.

Ease up on the camera

If you’re taking pictures or videos all day, that’s likely where your battery is going. Using the camera on your phone kills your battery fast, and using the flash doesn’t help either. Beware of any image chatting apps like Skype and Hangouts, or social media like Instagram and Snapchat.

Power Saving Mode

Apple has Low Power Mode on its iPhones and iPads, and Android has Battery Saving Mode. These settings reduce the performance of your phone but will make your phone last significantly longer.

Android even has Ultra Power Saving mode, which will make your phone last much, much longer. But it’s kind of a drastic measure.

Turn off vibrations

If you don’t need your phone to vibrate for messages just turn it off instead of letting notifications shake your battery to death.

Use Battery saving apps

Apps like Battery Doctor (iOS, Android) or DU Battery Saver (Android) help you pinpoint apps that are draining your battery.

From within the app, you can adjust settings like Location, Bluetooth, and screen brightness in order to conserve battery.

Turn off auto downloads

On Apple, go to settings, select iTunes and App Store, scroll down to Automatic Downloads, and toggle all of the options off. On Android, go to the Play Store settings, and tap on Auto-update apps.

You’ll be given the option to turn auto-updates on or off, or you can choose to only have auto-updates occur over Wi-Fi, which will also save battery.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Routinely go through all of your apps and uninstall any that you don’t use. These apps could be using up a small amount of battery throughout the day, which can really add up over time.

If you follow these tips, you can keep your phone’s battery life from perpetually living in the danger zone between a low battery and a dead phone. Hope they help.


Do you know of any other battery-saving techniques? Let us know in the comments section below. Want to buy a new phone? Check out our latest collection.

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