How to Play PES 2017 With PES 2021 Features on Your PC

Pro Evolution Soccer popularly known by many Ghanaians as PES is one of the best video games on the market; especially for those of us with low specs PCs and laptops.  But due to certain circumstances, most of us are willing to play the latest editions of PES but we are not able to do so.

Some of the circumstances that could hinder such people include low RAM, low Graphics card, monetary issues, and a host of others. Worry no more if you are part of this group of people because I’m going to show you how to play PES 2017 with PES 2021 features on your PC.

In this article, you will uncover some of the quick and best ways to play your PES 2017 with the features of PES 2012. Some of the features will include the player names, teams, player face and hairstyle, balls, stadiums, jerseys, etc.

How to Play PES 2017 With PES 2021 Features on Your PC

There are two (2) main ways that I’m going to discuss in this article. One of the methods can be used for only original PES games and the other could be used for both original and non-original games.

How to Play PES 2017 With PES 2021 Features on Original PES Games Using the Live Update Feature

As stated in the heading, this feature is only available for original PES games. But what are the original PES games? Original PES games are the PES games that were bought from Konami (creators of PES and Winning Eleven) either officially or through third-party platforms and outlets.

To use this feature, you need to have an internet connection (a strong connection is recommended) before you launch the game on your PC. Once you launch the game, you can quickly start an exhibition match and wait for the game to implement live updates.

Once the live updates are implemented, the team name, squad list, face and hairstyle of players will be updated to the latest edition of PES at the time of the updates.

How to Play PES 2017 With PES 2021 Features Using Patch

This method is the one that I use for my PES 2017 on my low specs PC. I started using this method in 2018 and have stuck with it since.

What is a Patch? A patch is an application that is installed on your PC (inside the game folder) to update the details of the games with a lot of features. Some of these are stadiums, scoreboards, player names, face and hairstyle, balls, jerseys, and a host of others.

To use the patch for PES 2017 on your PC, you’ll need to download the patch from the internet. There are several patches available on the internet but the one I use and recommend is Smoke Patch.

The reason why I recommend this type of patch is because it updates the data of every single team that is available on the game. This includes anthems, and even commentary and call names.

When installing this patch on your PC, you need to install the files in the download folder of the PES 2017. This folder could be found by going through Programs Files (x64)>Pro Evolution Soccer>Download. Also, you will be asked to state whether the game is original or not.

Once the installation is done, launch your PES 2017 and enjoy 2021 features on your PES 2017.


Was this article helpful? I hope it was and if you face any challenge while trying any of the methods stated above, feel free to write it down in the comments section below.

Finally, make sure to share with your friends and loved ones especially the PES lovers.

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