Plendify partners with Proxtera, a neutral hub connecting B2B Marketplaces

Plendify is widening its reach in Asia through a partnership with Proxtera, a neutral hub connecting B2B marketplaces to simplify trade for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Proxtera is live with 18 progressive platforms across Asia and Africa, providing access to over 440,000 SMEs in our network.

With this partnership, Plendify will gain access to Proxtera’s robust ecosystem connecting African SMEs with international buyers, wholesalers, and manufacturers and also provide end-to-end solutions that provide trade support and value added services such as cross-border payment and financing facilities.

How does it work?

  1. Find listings across Proxtera’s global multi-platform network through Plendify
  2. Receive relevant results through smart matching
  3. Buyer and supplier agree on terms of trade
  4. Buyer transfers payment to escrow account held in Singapore
  5. Supplier ships goods and uploads proof of shipment
  6. Payment is released to Supplier only upon verification of proof of shipment

How does this partnership benefit Suppliers on Plendify?

  1. One connection to the world – Improve the discovery of your buyers and suppliers across our entire network.
  2. Save time and money – Cut costs, increase compliance and save money using Plendify.
  3. Secure escrow payments – Suppliers can protect themselves from non-payment, and buyers can protect themselves from non-delivery.
  4. SME Financing made easy – Working capital solutions that are made for small and medium sized enterprises, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Suppliers on Plendify will have access to a vast network of new buyers and sellers around the world.

This partnership is a win-win for all involved. For businesses, it provides a way to mitigate the risk and cost of doing business in Africa in the face of ongoing global supply chain disruptions.

We are also giving businesses a way to offer better prices, strengthen their relationships with global buyers, and at the same time, reduce their overall costs of moving goods across international borders.

About Plendify

Plendify is an online wholesale marketplace for high quality African suppliers who want to connect to buyers globally. Our platform enables buyers to pay securely, fulfill quickly and enjoy fast shipping globally.
Plendify currently powers over 1,000 active suppliers across Africa.
Find out more at or email us at [email protected] or call +233 30 825 0095 (Local) / +1 888-904-2349 (International)

About Proxtera

Proxtera is a neutral hub connecting B2B marketplaces, service providers, and trade associations to simplify trade for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Proxtera improves discoverability and comparison of goods and services by SMEs with a simple integration to B2B marketplaces, bringing an expanded network and value to both businesses, service providers and our marketplace partners.

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