Price of Electric Cars in Ghana

The need for Ghanaian drivers to move from gasoline and diesel engines to electric ones will soon become more and more pressing, but which electric vehicles are the finest ones that can be bought on the local auto market?

As opposed to diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles, the number of electric automobiles in Ghana at the moment is still quite low. As more manufacturers adopt the technology, the introduction of electric vehicles in Ghana will continue to rise quickly. 

One of the main reasons Ghanaian drivers are hesitant to switch to electric cars is the lack of electric car charging facilities in the nation.

This is becoming less of a problem, though, since many new models can already go more than 200 miles between charges.

List of Ghanaian electric vehicles

Pure Electric Vehicle JAC Iev7l from Solar Taxi

Approximately 302 kilometers (189 miles) may be covered by this JAC sedan’s respectable 35.2 kWh battery (NEDC). A 140.24Wh/kg energy density is present in the battery pack. A 50 kW (67 hp) power output and a 215 Nm torque output are provided by its powertrain.

Price: GHS 189,000.00.

Clarity Honda

This electric vehicle has developed throughout its more than ten years on the market. Honda has released a version that turned out to be the Clarity model’s ideal desire.

Despite lacking agility on the road, it has a nice interior. It uses reasonable amounts of gasoline; its combined highway and city fuel efficiency is 114 MPGe. This is hardly unexpected given that it has an 89-mile range and a Clarity electric engine with 161 horsepower.

Price: GHS 467,649.00

Volkswagen Volt

The Volkswagen Volt is more of an electric car than a hybrid, despite being a plug-in hybrid. It has a combined engine output of 149 horsepower and can go 53 miles in electric mode.

The Volks has Wi-Fi, USB ports, and a rear-view camera among its technical features. With Boasts “exciting acceleration, a dizzying variety of tech capabilities, and exceptional fuel economy; even for a hybrid.

The Volkswagen Volt has a greater range and a faster peak speed while running on electricity alone, making it more like an EV than other plug-in hybrids.

Price: GHS 464,849.14

Nissan E-Golf

A strong electric motor, classic Golf hatchback styling, and impressive performance come together in the Volkswagen e-Golf. The result is a high-end sporty hatchback that is yet reasonably priced and popular with auto enthusiasts.

It is equipped with a 134-horsepower electric powertrain that delivers incredible acceleration that can only be achieved by gasoline-powered vehicles with good handling.

Right behind the back seats, it features a large battery. Satellite radio, a rear-view camera, a digital cockpit, HD Radio, Bluetooth, and a USB port are additional features included with the e-Golf.

Price: GHS 426,975.13

Toyota Corolla Electric

Although the electric version of the Ford is slower than the gasoline-powered predecessor, it is dependable and capable of providing a strong performance when necessary.

This Ford electric car has an engine that produces 143 horsepower. On a full charge, it boasts a 115-mile range and an unimpressive 107 MPGe in terms of fuel efficiency.

The portion that has to do with charging the battery occurs when the automobile is turned off. The average time for a full charge on a 240-volt outlet is five and a half hours, whereas it takes 20 hours on a typical 120-volt charger.

Price: GHS 407, 723.10

Xpeng GS50i Smart

Xpeng GS50i Smart is a smart e-vehicle. Aides-to-driving software Xpeng GS50i For watching movies and listening to music in the automobile, the G9 offers quick battery charging and what Xpeng refers to as “an immersive 5D experience.”

Xpeng GS50i cars are ahead of their time, it is one of the most pre-order vehicles since 2021 in Africa. Within it first, 24 hours the company received more than 20,000 orders.

Max Cruising Range : 520km Full Charge Time: 30 mins Speed: 170km/h

Price: GHS 616,378.74

Cherry Tiggo 3XE

A chic urban electric SUV is the Chery Tiggo 3xe 480. With a 53.6 kW battery and 401 km of range per charge, the Chery Tiggo 3xe 480 is a more potent variant of the 3xe SUV.

Max Cruising Range – 401km 30%-80% Charge- 0.5 Hours Max-Speed – 150KM/h

Price: GHS 320,232.91

Leopaard CS9

The Leopaard CS9 EV360 is driven by a 90kW(122ps,120hp) electric motor with a maximum torque of 260N.m. The battery pack capacity has been raised to 50.58kWh, the energy density is 140.5Wh/kg, and the NEDC operating range is 223 miles (360km).

Leopaard Motors actually debuted the CS9 EV variant two years ago. It was compatible with the battery pack at the time, which had a 48.18KWh capacity. There is a maximum 158-mile cursing radius (255km). It costs about the same as the new CS9 EV360. Consequently, the CS9 EV360 is an improved model.

Max Cruising Range – 270Km | 30%-80% Charge| Speed – 130Km/h

Price: GHS 154,547.19

Electric car maintenance

Here are the top five items that need to be maintained on electric vehicles and things that could need to be repaired because they aren’t really maintenance-free.

  1. Tire maintenance
  2. Battery
  3. Your vehicle’s braking system.
  4. Interval Service
  5. Your electric car’s cooling system fluid.

Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle

The majority of developed countries, provide tax credits for electric vehicle purchases that can assist offset the high initial cost of the vehicle, which is presently not available in Ghana.

It will ultimately cost more to purchase an EV than a combustion engine, but you must keep in mind that it will eventually pay for itself. At present, using an electric vehicle in Ghana will also be difficult due to the lack of technical assistance and adequate charging infrastructure, but you can certainly charge one at home and use it as regularly as you use your other vehicles.

Where to buy electric cars in Ghana

Solartaxi Ghana is a leading company when it comes to electric car purchasing in Ghana. They don’t only sell, but you can rent electric cars from their showrooms or their website.


When compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric cars are believed to have fewer moving components.

Given that the majority of electric cars are heading toward environmentally friendly automobiles, this means there are fewer fluids to replace than in conventional cars and less environmental harm.

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